Every day more and more people want to become a freelancer. Freelancer is a person who works independently both on the Internet and offline. But the problem is that if you want small businesses to generate sales to succeed, it’s not easy, it’s very difficult for small startups whose problems are not only related to lack of resources but also knowledge of the state of the market.

A typical phenomenon is the optimal use of resources for small businesses. When it comes to focusing on the development of the project, entrepreneurs need to invest time and money to run an online store or offline store, create another ad campaign, and so on. D. Freldo, Sunday, small businesses often have to spend more money. However, even after such investments, they are spending on a significant monthly basis to support work or knowledge management efforts. In addition, small businesses often face bureaucratic issues. Unnecessary costs when making a payment. There are risks and other costs that reduce the small business performance and market competitiveness.

Practice shows that large corporations are more conservative than small and medium-sized companies. The latter are usually much quicker to introduce various innovations into their work. Their owners are not afraid to experiment with improvements in technological processes and can quickly change business models, meeting the needs of current realities.

Recently, the attention of entrepreneurs has been attracted by smart contacts and blockchain technologies. Having become available on the online services market, they significantly expanded the capabilities of small businesses. In particular, the use of modern IT solutions allows :

  • Advertise your services without intermediaries, saving both time and money
  • Leave the information necessary for the small enterprise directly to the target audience
  • Solve the serious problems that have accumulated recently in the field of Internet marketing (biased customer feedback, distrust, inauthentic information about services, etc.)
  • Simplify the order and payment system for the work done

These and other factors open up new prospects for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Quality of services, adequate prices, and speed of fulfillment of orders become the basis of competitiveness.

Freldo Inc.

Freldo Inc. is a registered company in Canada in 2011, is located in Toronto, Ontario. Freldo Inc. has developed a new social network leverages on Blockchain Technology, called Freldo Freldo aims to help small business to find reliable services and new customers. Freldo will help the businesses attract new customers and promote themselves. Freldo will directly link the buyers with sellers without any interference from middlemen.

Freldo goal is to make a revolution in the services market by implementing blockchain technology to the business-client relationship, providing small business with the tools of large networks and companies. Helping in development of small and medium businesses. Freldo allows quick and easy access for costumers to find a quality specialist at the best prices, and specialists successfully develop, while securing the transactions for all network participants with the help of smart contracts.


To understand how Freldo works, let’s briefly focus on the main principles and benefits of this network:

  • Freldo is a special social network created as a practical solution to the everyday problems of ordinary people and the fostering of small and medium business development. The idea behind creating such a resource appeared about 10 years ago, when the members of the current Freldo team tried to find at the distance of the “extended hand” an ordinary electrician for some simple work. It turned out that it was not so easy. Likewise, it was difficult to find a plumber, a mechanic, a good hairdresser, a confectioner, etc.
  • Every family, every person, needs to be in the services of different professionals at times. Such specialists, as a rule, live and work next to us. However, to contact them, despite the presence of the internet and mobile phones, we spend too much time. Freldo solves this problem.
  • Freldo is created for the exchange of real experiences. It is known that the best way to find a good offer on the market is to ask a friend. In this social network, you will have friends who will advise you exactly on a specialist who knows their business well, fulfills orders on time, and does so at a reasonable price.
  • Freldo brings business and clients to the same site. We are unlikely to be interested in an experienced babysitter living hundreds or thousands of miles from our house. And the plumber is unlikely to agree to go change the water tap in the neighboring state. On Freldo, customers and service providers find each other based on proximity.
  • Freldo is an effective advertising platform for small businesses. Here you cannot just place an announcement about your services, but also open a full page with a detailed description of your work, quality assurance, prices, with real customer feedback, etc.
  • Freldo allows you to earn even ordinary users. Objective assessments of the work of service providers bring real financial benefits to their customers – monetary compensation, discounts, bonuses, etc.
  • Even for small businesses, Freldo is convenient for carrying out their small market research. You will easily find out whether your offer is in demand in the market, which helps with setting the price. You will also receive answers to other important questions.
  • The seller can use as much as possible all the marketing tools to promote their business, including applying discounts on the sale of their goods and services, independently conducting various actions, etc.
  • In the near future, access to Freldo will be possible with any device connected to the Internet. It will be enough to have in hand an ordinary smartphone with support for iOS and Android.
  • Freldo will be issuing its own cryptocurrency FreldoCoin (FRECN), in which it will be possible to invest funds in the same way as in other financial assets. FRECN can be used as a means of payment within the network, while the possibility of calculating the usual fiat money will also be preserved.
  • After the development and implementation of the transaction within Freldo, it will be carried out on the basis of blockchain and smart contracts technology. This will allow customers to pay for goods and services using popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum) without leaving home or from anywhere simply by using a mobile device. Blockchain technology will ensure the maximum security of transactions performed on the Freldo network. The supplier of the product or service will be sure that they receive payment. And the client will receive the product that they ordered.
  • The conquest of the market will allow Freldo to attract a huge number of entrepreneurs who together can offer millions of goods and services. Starting first in the US and Canada, Freldo will then expand its activities to other countries. Orders can be made all over the world.
  • The Freldo network operates under the slogan: “Trust your friends!” The goal is to create the most favorable climate for small businesses and ordinary people using their services around the world. Today, Freldo works effectively in the US and Canada.

Freldo similarly gives an adequate chance to clients of the informal community stage with a reward token as Freldocoin (FRECN) which benefits as your verification of work for each companion or includes you make by welcoming more individuals or companions into the systems administration network. The conversion scale of the token deal is analized underneath;

1 FRECN = 0.0002 ETH

Aggregate sum of freldo coin is 800million token (least)

Amid the Pre ICO, a moiety markdown applies. The time of pre ICO commences from July 16 to August 16, 2018.

In an offer to be congruously acclimated with the imminent or rudimental arrangement of Freld, beneath is the guide;

Decisively; in the wake of getting to this informal organization that fills in as a connection between the Minute scale entrepreneurs and their clients, (FRELDO) its etymological consequentiality is authored from “companion” and by that articulation, it in a general sense mains trust between the entrepreneur and his clients, Freldo is a desideratum for all little scale entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business to the status of mammoth business domain with its expansive distribution stage that covers a more extensive group of onlookers. After this person to person communication stage may have turned into a web sensation to nations that wants to develop its neighborhood content promoting and enhance their market economy, the issue of north-south disseverment between the goliath business and little scale business that dependably flourishes the substantial scale business because of their monetary feasibility in publicizing their items on both nearby and macrocosmic business TV while at the same time the little scale business ceaselessly psychologists will be a relic of days gone by.


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