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After some time, there has been an issue of North-South disunion from a financial view point in the business world where the goliath business perpetuates becoming immense and the little scale business recoils as they endeavor to muscle out its face in the advertising field. This reoccurring decimal has diminished the edification of proprietors of little scale business on the grounds that regardless of their lovely strategy for prosperity and method of administration conveyance, it wouldn’t get open consideration and in a circumstance where general society are obscurity of their method of administration conveyance; the point of establishing a categorical business is consequently crushed. Recollecting that altruism, business area, business contacts, the channel of advert and specialized contrivance between the clients and their specialist organizations and so on are main considerations in charge of the amelioration of any business; yet proprietors of little scale business are as yet obliged with the quantifications at which to surmount these test. Goodnews, Freldo inc. has come to cut down these difficulties to its barest least by shutting the aperture between the monster business organization and little scale business.

Problems related to small business

Creating sales even with available services for small businesses creates problems, as a result, the small business owner spends so much money trying to get their product and services on the market.

Small businesses also faced the problems of bureaucracy, with unnecessary costs and sometimes turning the entrepreneur into bankruptcy, which softens the entrepreneurial spirit of the entrepreneur.
For most small businesses, high commissions in marketing services, financial transactions and currency conversion were unsuccessful

Unused potential of small business

Small and medium-sized businesses in the US, Britain, China and Japan have demonstrated growth over the years to 2013 and continue to grow. Currently, this is a market that will be favorable for small and medium-sized businesses around the world to help with gross domestic revenue growth.

According to the research conducted, despite all the problems associated with small business in terms of customer problems and small business problems. Worldwide online trade as a whole was estimated at $ 900 billion. The United States in 2013 to 2 trillion dollars in 2017 by forecasting . It is estimated that in 2018 this figure will reach a peak of 2.24 trillion. Doll. USA.

Comparing small businesses and larger companies, the demand for goods and services continues to grow, despite the difficulties encountered in the creation of small businesses in places such as the United States, Britain and China.

Therefore, it is important to equip small businesses with favorable policies, directory services and the service of listed companies, in order to turn a small business into a market in order to compete in its own capacity in generating revenue.

Freldo is designed to try to tap the potential of small businesses by making it accessible via the Internet to customers, getting rid of
biased and negative feedback from customers and large companies that see the small business owner as a competitor.
The cost of advertising small businesses and businesses is closer — this means that freldo is engaged in reducing costs and making it affordable for small and medium-sized businesses .
Most customers are interested in knowing how this service will be delivered, and therefore pays much attention;

The price of a good or service compared to larger companies.

Discount is attached to each product and its guarantee.

The small business owner is now faced with how to make the customer happy, thereby turning the client into customers and making customers and advertisers of his goods or services without paying a penny.

What is Freldo’s goal?
Freldo’s goal is to solve this problem by creating a social network that gives small businesses the power of large free networks. Our network provides them with effective tools to promote and attract new customers. To bring the network to new heights, Freldo creators plan to deploy blockchain technology using experienced professionals in the field. This new technology will establish a direct communication between the seller and the buyer, without including any interference or influence by the intermediary.

The idea behind creating this new network is to connect the representatives of small businesses and their customers on one platform while providing them with a convenient and functional online platform. Freldo offers great opportunities for users: Find new contacts to communicate and grow, grow and expand your business, effectively market with minimal investment, additional ways to make money. , accessible anywhere in the world.

Anyone who is looking for reliable businesses can use our network to make money for your business. I wonder how this is possible? The answer lies in this simple process. You can recommend a specific service, as specified in Freldo, to anyone in your social network. If they use the service, you are recommended; You will make money as a commission.

Freldo will save not only marketing activities and services, but also financial transactions, the implementation of its own electronic money and provide fast, safe remittance without additional commission.

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