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Every day more and more people want to become a freelancer. Freelancer is a person who works independently both on the Internet and offline. But the problem is that if you want small businesses to generate sales to succeed, it’s not easy, it’s very difficult for small startups whose problems are not only related to lack of resources but also knowledge of the state of the market.

A typical phenomenon is the optimal use of resources for small businesses. When it comes to focusing on the development of the project, entrepreneurs need to invest time and money to run an online store or offline store, create another ad campaign, and so on. D. Freldo, Sunday, small businesses often have to spend more money. However, even after such investments, they are spending on a significant monthly basis to support work or knowledge management efforts. In addition, small businesses often face bureaucratic issues. Unnecessary costs when making a payment. There are risks and other costs that reduce the small business performance and market competitiveness.


Freldo is a decentralized platform that will promote the development of business-customer relationships. This platform is designed to provide SMBs and their customers with interactive means that are not restricted to third parties.

Have you never heard anything like this before? It may be that way, but another Freldo in its network consists of business owners and consumers who know each other at the individual level. That’s why Freludo works under the slogan “Trust your friend.” If you are a consumer, you can easily find a service provider on your network that fits your needs, and is recommended by no less than your friends. And easy, business owners can find their target customers. Word of mouth quickly passing through the network. This almost eliminates expensive marketing needs. Or even work paper. In simple terms, consumers get advice from their friends, while their friends are introduced to SMB.


What is Freldo’s goal?
Freldo’s goal is to solve this problem by creating a social network that gives small businesses the power of large free networks. Our network provides them with effective tools to promote and attract new customers. To bring the network to new heights, Freldo creators plan to deploy blockchain technology using experienced professionals in the field. This new technology will establish a direct communication between the seller and the buyer, without including any interference or influence by the intermediary.

The idea behind creating this new network is to connect the representatives of small businesses and their customers on one platform while providing them with a convenient and functional online platform. Freldo offers great opportunities for users: Find new contacts to communicate and grow, grow and expand your business, effectively market with minimal investment, additional ways to make money. , accessible anywhere in the world.

Anyone who is looking for reliable businesses can use our network to make money for your business. I wonder how this is possible? The answer lies in this simple process. You can recommend a specific service, as specified in Freldo, to anyone in your social network. If they use the service, you are recommended; You will make money as a commission.

Freldo will save not only marketing activities and services, but also financial transactions, the implementation of its own electronic money and provide fast, safe remittance without additional commission.

ICO [16.07 – 17.09]
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