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The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new undertakings. We have the greatest device on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a colossal base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these undertakings is FriendUP, a decentralized stage that enables members to create projects and applications, trade information and impart through cloud and blockchain advancements.

Friend Unifying Platform (FriendUP)

FriendUP is a decentralized stage that enables members to create projects and applications, trade information and convey through cloud and blockchain advancements.

The stage empowers engineers and masters to make programs straightforwardly on the Internet utilizing cloud assets. Because of this, the improvement can be completed in parallel, different experts can interface with the procedure whenever. In the meantime, on account of the blockchain, most extreme security is guaranteed, the venture coordinator controls all entrance to procedures and data.

So also, FriendUP can enable partnerships to cooperate with outsourcers. It is less demanding for the client to screen the satisfaction of errands, having the chance to watch the procedure and make opportune remarks.

Notwithstanding enhancing individuals’ cooperation, the framework is likewise gone for enhancing the viability of working with IoT. Points of interest of the advancement of the biological community toward this path have not yet been unveiled.

The Friend Project:

The framework recognizes your security needs and satisfies them. It has a name – Friend. You can be a piece of this undertaking by taking an interest in their ICO. The ‘Companion’ venture works in view of five essential standards – Freedom, Integration, Intelligence, Empowerment and Privacy. It offers opportunity of development, decision, correspondence and advancement. It considers joining of stages, gadgets, records, contacts and your advanced life. It presents insight via robotization, observation, comprehension and expansion. It enables the people, bunches through flexibility and proprietorship. It offers protection for your information, contacts and choices.

To begin with of its kind:

Friend bringing together stage is the main ever open source virtual PC. Its plan favors decentralized secure PC. It is worked for the cutting edge blockchain advances. Because of blockchain 2.0 through undertakings like Ethereum, web is getting decentralized. The missing piece of the baffle was tackling the handling energy to make a completely utilitarian PC working condition. That is precisely what Friend would do. The venture has surfaced in the wake of three monotonous years of advancement. In the background is a visionary group. The venture depends on capable open source innovation which is gracing with its quality wherever today.

Friend runs any program on any gadget. It thinks of huge amounts of web local applications. It enhances your general figuring knowledge for web. It offers a genuine chance to work and team up anyplace. Companion works as a working framework to bring together huge amounts of web applications. It gives these applications an advanced environment to flourish in. It introduces a reasonable UI for a scope of gadgets. The open source web innovation binds together different APIs and conventions. It at last puts the energy of web to hands of everybody, because of decentralized setup.

FRND tokens

The abundance program for tokens is as of now declared in Bitointalk discussions. You will require an appropriate Ether wallet to store tokens. Coinbase accounts doesn’t bolster ERC20 tokens which is the standard took after by FRND tokens. ERC20 good wallets, for example, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask should help. For each ETH you can get 20,000 FRND tokens. Presale and early commitments incorporate a reward of up to 20%. You can contribute as low as 0.1 ETH amid token deal. The most extreme farthest point on number of FRND tokens in the framework is 2 billion. It won’t increment from the set aggregate token supply.


FriendUp empowers new applications to be connected to different applications running on the system to make unique usefulness. Appropriated frameworks can be made that permit the sharing of the two information and usefulness, programming, registering force and capacity over various hubs.

FriendUp has been created widely and an underlying rendition is live and open to anybody. The essential objectives of future advancements include:

· Decentralization and improved security

· Improve the openness and engineer cordiality of Ethereum

· Provide access to Friend applications on any gadget

· Rapid advancement of applications on the free open cloud framework

· Provide clients with prompt access to applications and different assets

Friend implies there is no organization cost. At the point when a designer sends an application on the Friend organize it promptly winds up accessible worldwide through decentralized advancements. The Friend Store gives engineers the office to monetise their applications without the requirement for a broker.

Virtual Friend Cloud Computers can be made with applications, stockpiling, workgroups et cetera open from any web empowered gadget. Notwithstanding inherent capacity, clients can incorporate with elective stockpiling arrangements, for example, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Friend Store

Friend store is the FriendUp commercial center. Clients can get to items and administrations gave there in return to FRND tokens and designers can adapt their applications there. Designers and different merchants can distribute their applications there and an assortment of elective monetisation models can be utilized. All applications sent there will be liable to approval, testing and rating in view of a straightforward target agenda. There will likewise be the office for giving talk, criticism, and audits.

Framework Components

The new web in light of blockchains, for example, Ethereum is really decentralized. In any case, preceding FriendUp there was no methods for tackling this to make an entire PC working condition. Following three years of improvement the FriendUp stage gives a methods for using the energy of the decentralized system. Singular framework parts include:

· Friend Core — manages server side of the system dealing with encoded interchanges amongst customers and servers

· Application dissemination system

· Libraries — for pooling segment functionalities

· Modules — for associating applications

· File framework drivers

· Application APIs

· Friend Network

· Workspace — user interface and work area condition

· Core applications — essentially demonstrators of what can be accomplished on the stage


The presale provides investors with a 20% bonus of tokens. The total pre-sale tokens are 24,000 FRND with a minimum investment of 0.1ETH and a maximum investment of 3,334 ETH.


There are three ICO goals all considered viable and each with a specified development program. The goals are: minimum funds to be raised — 25,000 ETH; medium funds to be raised — 50,000 ETH; maximum funds to be raised — 75, 583.3 ETH.

The FriendUp ICO runs from 16th April 2018 to 16th May 2018. Vital information:

· Token: FRND (ERC 20 compatible)

· Maximum number of tokens: 2,000,000,000 (2 billion)

· Tokens available in crowd sale: 1,640,000,000 (82% of total tokens)

· Price: 1 FRND = $0.05

· Exchange rate: 20,2000 FRND = 1 ETH

· Accepted currencies: ETH

6% of tokens generated will go to the Friend team and 12% will go to the business.

The fate of the undertaking

The venture is at the Pre-Sale organize now. ICO is planned for April 16. The venture site does not have a standard guide, so further plans can be evaluated simply in the wake of concentrate White Paper (in which, lamentably, there are no particular dates for propelling the following forms of the stage). By and by, FriendUP is based on the effectively existing Friend Software organization, which has a prepared model system, and in addition a working rendition without blockchain.

Friendwill turn into the basic and brought together entrance ramp to decentralized applications, usefulness and capacity

Friend Network will be the worldwide decentralized convention for our cloud PCs

Friend Cloud Computer formats will permit dispersion in associations

Friend Store will be a commercial center for formats, applications, information and learning

Our Initial Contribution Offering will empower us to understand our vision

The project team

The project is headed by people who have experience in successfully launching of business projects, as well as competent developers and blockchain experts:

Arne Peder Blix, CEO and founder. MBA, serial entrepreneur, more than 20 years in business. He held executive positions in a number of large companies.

Hogn Titlstad, COO and co-founder. He led the previous projects of Friend Studios AS and Friend Software Labs AS.

Thomas Wollburg, CTO. He founded and successfully launched several start-ups, more than 10 years in the IT industry.

Mikko Terho, counselor. СТО Huawei.

Mark Turrell, counselor. СЕО Vork & Orcasci.

Alexander Bakos Leirvag, Counselor. An innovator in Grid Labs.

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