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Froshfeel is a user-friendly platform for students which enables them to carry out transactions with ease using the Froshfeel coins (froins) from anywhere in the world, with special discounts. Transaction with froins will be done within the Froshfeel platform or with partnered businesses. These transactions include student accommodation fees, buying textbooks, paying college fees, paying for student flights, paying for grocery and clothe shopping, etc., and all these can be done from a students’ mobile phone provided they are froins holders. Froins is based on the blockchain technology meaning it is decentralized. Froshfeel is also safe and secure thus making sure that transactions can be carried out with ease with instant payments made to recipients. In essence, the Froshfeel platform transforms students social and educational environment. It should be noted that users who spend froins on the Froshfeel platform are given incentives as points, and higher points means bigger and better benefits.

• Institutions
• Students
• Business
• Educator
• Students will be able to see on the Froshfeel platform, the kind of courses that are available for study in a particular university, the requirement for these courses, and Froshfeel users will have a guidance tool enabled on the platform that guides them on course selection based on their interest
• A question and answer forum will be available to users of the Froshfeel platform on Social, Educational and Life style categories. Users will be able to post questions, discuss these questions, get help as well as assist others on this question and answer tool
• The “classes” feature will enable social discussions on classes, events, and this feature can also be used by Tutors, Mentors, Lecturers and Teachers for the creation of private classes where slides and notes can be uploaded. Real time student discussions are also possible with this feature
• The agenda feature will help students on time management
• The Job portal is another feature where part-time and full-time jobs will be listed by institutions and businesses for students. Students will be able to upload their CV’s/resumes on this feature
• Classified ads feature allows students to post whatever they want to buy and sell in froins, with Froshfeel users being able to see what’s up for sale.
• The business directory feature will enable Froshfeel users to find listed businesses on the Froshfeel platform. Also, the platform users will be able to see businesses that are followed by users which they follow
• The “deals” feature will enable users to see nearby deals in terms of location. Students will have the ability to like, comment or recommend a deal, and all deals will be carried out using the froins coin.
• Competitions is a feature that enables business users to run competitions for users, with payments in froins
• The advertising feature is designed for advertisers so the Froshfeel platform can make some income
• “Events” is a feature that enables the listing of educational, social, etc. events, where users will have the opportunity of seeing future events
• The “tutors” feature will enable student-tutor connection. It helps students to search and connect with a tutor
• The “discover” feature will enable users to view a map that allows them locate and interact with froins accepting businesses
ICO Structure
Pre-ICO start on 1st March, 2018 (00:00 GMT) and runs through till 20th March 2018 (23:30 GMT) with a minimum purchase amount of 0.1ETH. The pre-ICO minimum is 1000ETH and the pre-ICO maximum is 5000ETH. ETH and KickCoin are the accepted payment means.
ICO starts on 1st April, 2018 and run through till 30th April, 2018, at a price of 1USD to 1 Froin. The Froin exchange rate is 1 Eth to 1000 Froins. The minimum purchase amount is 0.1 ETH/0.01 BTC, and the accepted payment means is ETH and BTC.

There is a maximum of 250 million tokens, and tokens not distributed will be burned. Issuing of coin will start on 15th May, 2018, with a discount/benefit of 100%.
74% – Public
10% – Founders
10% – Reserve
6% – Bounty, Partnerships, Advisors

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