FSMN: Instant and Guaranteed Payment Gateway and Merchant Settlement Services for Global Payment

Do you know there is a new platform that will allow users to become part of global network traders, traders and independent marketing partners, this platform can trade and make payments and transfer money to and fro anywhere in the world. The platform uses crypto-based Ethereum coins and payment gateways to set new industry standards by storing your know-how – your customers and merchants. This platform is known as Fsmn: A five-star mining network. 

iveStar Mining is a blockchain-based business that aims to enable its users to get a share of the revenue generated from cryptocurrency mining operations. With their crypto token, FiveStar Mining Network will receive support from other cryptocurrency mined by platform hardware.

The coins that are mined go into the profit sharing mechanism with investors while some of them are also sold to facilitate the repurchase of tokens from the holders.

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WhitePaper: https://fivestarminingnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/FSMN.pdf

With revenue generated from cryptocurrency mining that increases from after every year, FiveStar Mining Network will focus on being part of their large market. Their ERC20 token (FSMN coin) will have support for crypto minder coins like Bitcoin and ethereum.

LimaStarMiningNetwork ICO Token Details FSMN

Personal Pre-Sales

August 2018

1 ETH = up to 900 000 FSMN

1 BTC = up to 1 125 000 FSMN

Up to 50% bonus

2 000 000 000 FSMN with private sales. All unsold tokens will be burned.


September 2018

1 ETH = up to 780,000 FSMN

1 BTC = up to 975,000 FSMN

30% bonus

2 000 000 000 FSMN. All unsold tokens will be burned.


November 2018

1 ETH = up to 660,000 FSMN

1 BTC = up to 820,000 FSMN

Up to 10% bonus

The total coin in the sale of a crowd of 4 000 000 000 FSMN. All unsold tokens will be burned.

Token Structure

Community distribution – 70%

Reserve fund – 15%

Founder and Team – 9%

Advisor – 3%

Bounty campaign – 3%

Budget Allocation

Product development – 57%

Marketing, sales, merchant acquisitions and partnerships – 19%

Operation – 9%

Law – 6%

Management – 9%

This is a very interesting project. Join this project to grow your capital. Bitcoin is ready for new ATH again. Let’s make some profits by participating in the FSMN tokensale.

What is this platform?
They are cryptographic-based digital coins and payment gateways that function as fully functional and alternative currencies for cash and brick and mortar banking payment systems. They offer currencies and a set of payment solutions, they intend to introduce a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem such as secure coin cryptocurrency and a self-funded and self-governed platform with global reach, also making a complete payment gateway with instant transaction settlement. Furthermore, they will allow sending retail and bulk money with special low-cost transaction fees. Also facilitates the initial adoption of shopping platforms and e-commerce trading and the dominance of the cryptocurrency market in the travel industry as a dish into the crypto coin industry. 
Operating terminology at FSMN 
entangAbout FSMN Coin: Name of coin: FSMN
 Total coin installation: 10 billion 
publik Public allocation: 70% 
otal Total: 3% 
ian purchase: 2% 
al Penetration and team: 10% 
ervasi Conservation allocation: 15% 
 FSMN value: $ 0.01 per 
SMFSMN Public symbol: FSMN 
imalDecimal place: 18
FSMN supplies and Distribution of 
Supply and Distribution 
Pasokan Supply Total Supply FSMN amount will cover 10 billion 
FSMN will be available in the following stages: – 
Allocation  Token for public: 7 billion – 
allocation  Token for ICO: 7 billion – 
Reserve allocation of signs: 1.5 billion – 
asanThe expansion of allocations for companies: 1.5 billion
The reason why you have to invest in FSMN 
Fsmn utilizes holistic trade and e-commerce ecosystems. Through the intersection of the three main offerings, FSMN, cryptocurrency payment gateway, and exchange platform (through the introductory partnership e-commerce market), FSMN creates the best climate for achieving early adoption and high coin value and opportunities for independent marketing. partners (IMP) to offer value in the possible new global exchange market.
The complete FSMN ecosystem provides a sustainable trade model and exchange in and out of the FSMN payment gateway. Suppliers, traders and IMPs can participate in exchanges within FSMN gates and e-commerce merchant platforms. While payments are made on the FSMN platform, transactions can be directly converted to other currencies at an additional cost. This model allows all participants to transfer money instantaneously inside and outside the system and for the FSMN payment network in the end remains an agnostic currency while encouraging the use and ownership of FSMN coins.
In particular, as we all know that Bitcoin, the godfather of all cryptocurrency, continues to dominate the market with the highest market value, and Ripple remains strong as a leader in the integration of payment systems with shareholders, and Ethereum’s smart contract ecosystem offers great promise. for its development community, FSMN stands apart in its unique position to create a fully functional currency and economic ecosystem for purchasing, buying, trading, selling and ownership all in the original FSMNoin platform. With the involvement of time and the right marketing partners, we hope to see FSMN’s end-to-end offer providing a great opportunity for real-world progress and the application of real-world progress available today by the technology and cryptocurrency community.
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