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FST Network is the leader of the New-gen Network, the expansion of the internet has brought eternal influence to the life of a human for nearly three decades. The transmission of info has lifted the hurdle of space and made the business field and environment have created an advanced dimension, a range of business kings, bringing expediency to the convenience of life, the maturity of community and the evolution of tech.

A new era in the current’s society, the network-based restrictions of the network 3 decades ago didn’t focus on the safety and questioning of data and info. Block-chain and responsible management is a key network tech that confirms the evolution of the generation. Though, whether it’s the relatively mature ecology of ETH and BTC, it remains under the intense discussion of EOS or RSK is remain in the phase of the first gen network (WEB 1.0), focusing on the planning of the contract, the exchange of data and the info.

Interaction, a core discussion on the framework of intelligent agreements, virtual books, and underlying contracts. At this time, it can help business development. Many interactive architecture dynamics is not so far mature, though a 100 schools of thought contend, but can’t effectively promote the establishment of a flourishing and ecological business device. In order to promote the tech of the block and upgrade people’s lives again, the FST Network has to turn out to be the driving type of business.

The most vital advantage of the FST Network, introducing modular as well as industrial block engineering by developing a three-layer solution. Rationally, the app and making of several blocks are managed over to smart agreements for implementation to make sure correctness, reliability, and traceability, but the complexity as well as the flexibility of losing commercial apps.

Via the development of the network generation, you can collect insight into the potential future of the block-chain. When the 3rd layer architecture joins module tech (block-Chain engineering software engineering) covering and connecting the existing 1st layer (chain body) and 2nd layer (accelerated service), from the implementation and integration of this block, it’ll no longer be pain point for any business and letting people to enter period of service development.

Via the FST Network’s service/constriction across diff protocols, supporting diff business requirements, achieving a new period evolution.


As a top TERTIER three architecture module service provider, the FST Network allows several firms to adopt this tech without excessive Ink tech or trust on your own technological experts. Like today’s web services, end consumers joy the convenience of block tech and a send of safety and a solid base for a new gen of block technology.

• From the one spot, super hybrid exchange, 5 level enterprise solution to the module library, the app of the block is enterprise.

• It’ll be remarkably reduced, and even via the input info, clicking and setting, the smart agreement can be managed via the network to make a certificate and app.

• In this manner, the FST Network can really help the marketplace implement the service.

The FST Network will do the following things: Engineering infrastructure

Configuration – Transforming block-chain into a tool architecture that can be simply set up, maintained, constructed, and assembled

Industrialization – Improve smart agreement modules, engineering, and software, and carry on to develop the technological architecture of Layer three

Normalization – Allow new network techs to securely exchange data and information across consensus Fairness and protocols Tech for creating certificates and books via smart agreements

Terminal experience optimization

Commercialize – Management tools of Sublimate enterprise to a business level, no longer have to be arranged by engineers

Generalization – 70 percent of enterprises will no longer require their own block engineers, and don’t need to trust too much on the facts of technical personnel.

Application – Through Layer three coverage, firms can painlessly interface existing ecosystems with next ecosystems

More info:

website – https://www.fst.network/
ANN – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?top
twitter – https://twitter.com/FSTNetworkTW
facebook – https://www.facebook.com/FSTNetworkOf
whitepaper – https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/e34917
telegram – http://bit.ly/FSTNetwork

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