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Hello all of you. Welcome back to my blog. Today I would like to introduce to you a very potential project is FST Network

Electronic money transactions recognize an essential part of the great path of electronic finance. This is where individuals can exchange other currency coded to modernize cash or fiat currencies like US dollars or euros. These deals deal with buyers and sellers and charge you from each exchange. Basically there are two types of transactions; Combined transactions and transactions. Cross transactions are ranked, for example, affiliate affiliates as participating agencies on their stage.

They usually continue as a basic part of contact for novices, who tend to exchange cash in their view of the easy-to-use and lively interface in their operations. The task of a unified transaction is clear and organized and a categorical estimate will make the system categorized. Not at the smallest level such as transactional access, decentralized accessories.

The deals are relevant regardless of whether they run with dangerous stores, such as unsecured downtime and downtime as well as better customer protection. Authorized transactions again do not require any representation of the character, similarly, security issues like the overhaul of hierarchies appear. Transactions do not hold money for customers, and instead, customers are specially connected, suggesting that you do not need to emphasize the security of your pre-encrypted transactions. For any customer package, explore the use of hierarchical transactions in a consistent way, which reduces liquidity, showing differences in the deals associated with these lines.

What is FST Network

The world’s first ecosystem that creates service modules with industrial engineering thinking, supporting companies to quickly and steadily build grounded applications and services without the need for Blockchain developers.

Function FST Network

  1. Enterprises can quickly assemble modules to create robust Blockchain applications.Through the unique on-chain optimisation protocols (Relay Network), Blockchain applications can perform better with accelerated verification by increasing hundreds of times in transaction throughput .
  2. Enterprises DO NOT need Blockchain engineers to create applications. Through assembling various unique business models with simple logics like playing Legos, and the replacement of modules can greatly reduce the hard cost of Blockchain development.
  3. FST Network solves development iteration problems with reliable and versatile modules, allowing enterprises to change modules at any time. FST Network is focusing on-chain technical implementation, which is compatible with any other off-chain solutions.

    Solution for technology blockchain (FST NETWORK )

    The biggest feature of FST Network is to inductively deconstruct complex Blockchain technology to diverse and secure modules, just like a Blockchain factory, which greatly reduces the technical know-how and development costs.

    At the same time, modular Blockchain emphasises in providing enterprises with high flexibility, scalability and diversity, making it easy to create multiple applications, and end-users can enjoy better applications and services.

    With 3 unique protocols and 2 major standards, enterprises can quickly achieve “tokenisation”, “Dapp development”, “data exchange”, and even “cross-chain connection” through assembling modules.

    FST Network enables enterprises to focus on business models and enable Blockchain applications with secure and stable technical support.

    Layer 3 blockchain

    In order to allow people to use Blockchain technology without frequent contact with difficult and incomprehensible underlying technologies, the market needs an intermediary layer as a bridge that connects business applications with the underlying layer technology, allowing anyone who participates in Blockchain ecosystem not to feel the presence of Blockchain, but can enjoy the benefits of Blockchain.

    FST Network builds a Layer 3 architecture on top of various protocols, complements the underlying layer technology with the aid of modules. Regardless of the underlying chain protocol is Ethereum, EOS or RSK, or sidechain and accelerated services of the Layer 2 technology, FST Network is compatible with different protocols, support diverse business needs, accelerate the application of Blockchain technology, and eventually achieve a new era of evolution.


    In the past, the establishment of a Blockchain system in tandem with enterprises must be customised, which set the huge barriers to adopt Blockchain technology.

    In addition, enterprises are currently limited by the underlying technology and cannot partially update and maintain the applications when the underlying smart contract and protocol changes.

    Module Factory

    FST Engines in Module Factory integrate smart contracts and on-chain-off-chain technology to produce reusable, highly extensible modules that support enterprises to adopt Blockchain with low costs and high flexibility. Enterprises can easily create diverse applications with modules, and end-users can enjoy more stable, secure, and better-performing applications and services.

    The module factory will continue to generate more standardised or customised modules according to the market evolution to meet more business needs. The module creates smart contracts with smart contracts, avoiding the risk of human error and improving the efficiency of automation.

    Modular Architecture

    FST Network simplifies the sophisticated services into the smallest elements (e.g. individual smart contract) with modularisation. These elements can work independently as well as connect with infrastructure of large systems freely to form a module package. Due to independence of modules, module package can be easily formed, dismantled and improved, in the end build up a module kits to support complex business models, just like assembling lego pieces.

    The system categorises the module kits into 4 parts: “Business Application”, “On-Chain-Off-Chain Integration”, “Smart Contract”, “Blockchain Protocol Compatible”

    FST Token

    FST Smart Token runs through and supports the entire FST Network.

    Enterprises, developers and users can use our products and services with FST to enter the Blockchain world and become an Internal nodes in FST Network to accelerate the development of the entire Blockchain ecosystem.

    FST Network needs FST token as an Ultimate Key to run through the entire modular ecosystem.

    In addition to being the payment medium for the use of modules, it also can be staked by participants for being the nodes to maintain the ecosystem by acting as a verifier in the FST Network’s 3 unique protocols.



    The project tends to develop strongly in the world technology development. It will significantly reduce the cost, economical savings when developing blockchain applications. Now many investors have used it to easily assemble modern electronic devices. The most promising project this year, I think, is that it will grow even further in 2019 when it will expand beyond the rest of the world.

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    All contact details :

    Website : https://www.fst.network/

    Whitepaper : https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/e34917_342b3a98a1c8464199b2f945767f4ec2.pdf

    Telegram : https://t.me/FundersToken_community

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/FSTNetworkTW

    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/FSTNetworkOfficial

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