FST – Three major agreements – link infrastructure and compatibility

Infrastructure (Layer 3 – III architecture)

Thanks to the development of the network generation, blockchain technology at this stage can be compared to the original web browsers of Netscape and IE, providing only simple data display and transmission.

To expand the technical capabilities of the blockchain application scenario, Network FST covers and links the first layer (chain body) and the second layer (smart contract and accelerated service), except for the third layer framework. . In addition to construction, there are three additional agreements and two main standards.

Like dynamic networks that provide users and developers with interactivity and experience, the three major agreements provide more interaction and information exchange for FST Network eco-participants. The agreement includes channel technology to help optimize the user experience, mediation technology that speeds up decentralized protocols and safe and efficient cross-chain technology.

The two standards are based on a common structure, application-oriented and business demand structure, creating the basis for the complete improvement of products and services related to the blockchain, creating the ability to set up applications and create automation. The ERC-1376 service-friendly standard and its expanded enterprise application standards allow companies to bring the process of moving blockchain value characteristics closer to the traditional optimization and connection experience. with existing systems. Integrated without pain.

Through these infrastructures, the FST Network can increase the throughput of the main chain transactions by hundreds of times and reduce the main chain processing fees (such as Ethereum’s Ethereum). Create simple cross-chain smart contracts and safe and allow the company to deploy and operate in sequence with the API / SDK launched by traditional software and even make non-native strings of blockchain work with the original.


Three major agreements – link infrastructure and compatibility

Pine channel technology

Currently, most of the original certificates of agreements (like Ethereum of Ethereum) enjoy superior technical rights, such as the ability to launch smart contracts through Ethereum. Non-native licenses and smart contracts themselves are not directly associated with the right to integrate multiple smart and automated contracts.

The core of Passport technology is to provide any major smart contract and smart contract with higher rights, through the standard ERC-1376 and the concept of secondary exploitation of Islam, to promote any No main pass. Enjoy the perfect ecosystem and functionality without having to own your own chain or a large number of operators.

Wikipedia’s secondary mining tool in the series is mainly through a smart contract to organize a network called Rel Relayer on any major chain agreement. Repeater has the right to pack a large number of transactions by paying fuel fees for the original card (such as Ethan’s transaction process), compressing hundreds of transactions and verifying the initial mining tools after smart contract. It will increase throughput hundreds of times and ensure fairness and security of the implementation on the chain.

The remuneration of the second operators is to pass for their payment and they can get more efficient benefits in the process. When the network of secondary mining companies has only one person (such as the issuing company itself),

Income model can determine fuel prices for compensation through trade reviews and compensation

Processing fee charged to end users. Based on this technology, insurance networks are built through smart contracts and the security of network systems is maintained without regard to business goals.

Through this technology, companies using non-native cards can free end users based on the original certificate. When a company becomes a second-class mining tool, it can make its own business ecosystem unaffected by the original pass and can create a shared basic network without need to create one more network. The main ecological chain.


Media exchange technology

The market of Changyi market mainly focuses on specific certificate exchange and its certificate is often limited due to imperfections. Currently, the data sharing verification of the exchange is the main structure and there are no cross strings. Shipping messages.

Starting from the architecture of high specification data (not only certificates, including other encoded data types), but also can meet security, performance and accuracy of exchanges Decentralized data, through the “Standard through friendly” Platform of construction, as well as exploiting the second level of online channel technology, data exchange can be achieved High security and stability infrastructure through this mediation technology and achieve status data matching channel.

For the structure of high-frequency transactions, even

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