The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is FTEC, an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective trading activities on cryptocurrency markets.


FTEC is a biological community of insightful administrations and neural systems for leading compelling exchanging exercises on cryptographic money markets.FTEC worldwide mission is to lessen the quantity of amateurish dealers. The thought behind this venture is clear and basic: to make an all encompassing biological community that will contain all the vital instruments for clients with any level of understanding and information in the field of cryptographic forms of money. FTEC as of now have right now running tasks in light of calculations for programmed exchanging on cryptomarkets, they gave us an incredible and significant experience and hence we proceeded onward to satisfy more goal-oriented objectives.

FTEC’s point is to give wise environment benefits and give a powerful system of exercises for dealers in the advanced cash advertise.

Your landing in our venture is an awesome pride and is the thing we have been sitting tight for, on the grounds that with you in our undertaking, that implies we have picked up help to form our task into the best undertaking in the advanced cash advertise.

The environment offers a complex of 15 unique answers for:

Boosting your business effectiveness (by utilizing savvy exchanging frameworks)

Sparing your opportunity (by utilizing neuronetworks for data stream sifting)

Concentrate the specifics of crypto exchanging (with the assistance of automatized cryptoacademy and wide database)

Enhancing your exchanging methodologies (by utilizing a brilliant framework for breaking down your exchanging history on digital currency markets)

Limiting the dangers of the exchanging movement (by utilizing the tips of the programmed look for most productive offers available)

Getting the most recent patterns in the business (by methods for keen administration for investigating informal organizations and web seek information)

Shut beta testing of all created modules.(Some of the environment’s components are as of now accessible for testing for all clients. We will offer access to test ALL modules which are as of now in producing for clients who purchased tokens worth from 20 ETH).


The key issue we looked in building up our first exchanging calculations was arrange book restriction on trades. So if programmed module finds a circumstance when the client can get a benefit available, it likewise needs to characterize a line of individuals for whom buy and deal will be made. As cost is certifiably not a consistent esteem and the cost of further buys increments after the buy of the principal client (since purchasing request has risen), the following client will purchase at a greater cost.


Right off the bat, measure of issued tokens is steady. Therefore, the likelihood of extra token outflow is sold. It implies that each token holder can make certain that he can deal with a piece of tokens he purchased.

Furthermore, also, we will have a chance to frame a specific line of clients as a result of uneven circulation of tokens between holders

We can utilize biological community tokens to take care of this issue.

The quantity of tokens is constrained – this implies every marker holder can make sure that it can oversee some portion of the tokens that it purchased;

we will have the chance to shape a particular line of clients, the client will have the capacity to track his situation in the positioning utilizing the proper device in the client’s record. The line will be dictated by the quantity of tokens on the client’s adjust inside the exchanging framework.

Coincidentally, clients of FTEC token holders who have in excess of a specific number of tokens (the number isn’t yet sure) on the adjust inside the framework will have a voice that can be utilized for venture advancement.

The plan of utilizing the item is of the best significance in the whole undertaking and comprises of an arrangement of 12 Smart Trading System modules that are consequently exchanged through demonstrated and observed calculations.

The rough plan of utilization:

The client chooses the exchanging module;

Picks a stock trade and exchanging limit;

Interfaces possess API keys;

The exchanging module exchanges as indicated by the picked calculation and amasses benefit on the trade record of the client.

Another not insignificant module Adaptive Social Assistant – this module tracks information from interpersonal organizations and sends signs to the client in the record adjusting them to specific parameters.

The following module is known as the Trader Behavior Analysis Service – it is a module that breaks down the exchanging history and makes suggestions for changing the exchanging procedure to accomplish benefit.

The trade arrange administration module is an administration that enables you to at the same time set stop-misfortune and take-benefit levels and also figures the most great cost for opening a request yourself by methods for a numerical calculation.

The analyzer of the news foundation – a module in light of the neural system is based on the LSTM engineering. The analyzer creates reports in view of the data spill out of the media.

Arbitrage Assistant is a module that enables you to make benefit utilizing assertion windows on most digital currency trades in manual and programmed mode.

Token Details

Maximum amount of tokens 998 400 000 FTEC

Freezing of team’s tokens for a year

All unsold tokens will be burned

Automatic refund if the soft cap is not achieved


Since order book of any cryptocurrency exchange consists of orders with different prices, automatic trading modules face a dilemma of priority of buying/selling order execution. Our own token can solve fundamental problem we faced and also gives token holders certain advantages.

Due to a constant number of tokens, users will be able to influence their position in the queue by selling or buying tokens. The system will have a mechanism for calculating certain queue of users owing to the uneven distribution of tokens between holders. The place in this queue will determine potential profit of token holder because his orders will be executed earlier and at a more favorable price.

Besides that, FTEC holders who have a certain amount of tokens will be able to influence the further development of ecosystem by voting. You can learn more about options for use of the token in the relevant section of the WhitePaper.


Main Token Sale stage is characterized by the active implementation of the product itself, a transition from a prototype to a ready-made solution with the possibility of public testing and the first profits for Token Sale participants.

Fundraising goal:At the main stage of the Token Sale, we are collecting funds for the implementation of the entire functional ecosystem. Since it essentially consists of a large number of individual modules, it is reasonable to hire individual workers for each one of the modules.

Each module will be located on a separate server, so it will be necessary to provide support and configuration of these servers by system administrators. DevOps are required to coordinate commands between each other and provide their needs in external services. The quality of software development will be monitored by the test staff.

To maintain community interest, additional marketing expenses will be devoted to the project.

Extensive funds will be spent to provide the necessary infrastructure. After all, such things as protection against DDOS attacks, the purchase of facilities and datasets for the training of neural networks are very important tasks for such a project.

Distribution of Tokens


Pre – Sale starts in 11 April 2018 Finish 08 May 2018 ( 11.04.2018 / 08.05.2018 ) Sale Starts in 29 May 2018 Finish 21 Jun 2018 ( 29.05.2018 / 21.06.2018 )

1ETH = 39960 FTEC

FTEC is an ERC-20 token based on a system of smart contracts 998400000 FTEC will be released in total


Before the official launch of the Token Sale, for users who want to receive tokens, a campaign will be conducted to present the token mission. That will allow to determine the level of people`s interest in the future project.Fundraising goal:

To raise funds for the development of already implemented products and large-scale marketing for attracting interested audiences to the main stage of Token Sale.

Main aspects of expenditures:

– Advertising on social networks

– Press releases

– Contextual advertising

– Advertising publications

– Expert reviews

– Banner advertising

– Content makers services

– Translators

– Merchandise.

In addition, most of the funds will be spent on the development of the system. For new employees, a basic set of software will be purchased.

Pre-sale will last for 27 days, starting on 11/04/2018 14:00 GMT+00 to 08/05/2018 14:00 GMT+00.

The number of tokens available for purchase at the Pre-sale stage is 147,980,000, which allows users, who learned about the project before the others, to get tokens at the best price.

Project development strategies according to Pre-sale results:

SOFTCAP is not reached. We return investments to participants of Presale and develop the project independently

SOFTCAP is reached. HARDCAP is not reached We conduct an active advertising campaign, expand the staff, attract more attention to the main Token Sale stage

HARDCAP is reached. We observe a high level of interest in the platform, so spend the maximum amount of funds on buying huge datasets for quick improvement of our AI-based services, marketing and development.



July – Ideology, teambuilding, setting a technical task, architecture development for Coinbot.club database.

August- Template design development, signal subscription mode, 2FA connection.

September – Development of candlestick classifier, Orderbook analyzer.

October – Creating a new logo, redesign

November – Creating a coinbot.club blog, algorithms for intelligent trading modules.

December – Decision tree architecture, Bittrex API connection, Poloniex, automatic API checking, affiliate program development.


January – Connecting the Binance API, Kraken, a support department was created.

February – Updating the payment system, fixing bugs.

March – Landing creation, White Paper, preparation of documentation

April – Pre-sale, interview-sessions, advertising campaign. Report.

May – Token Sale, full-fledged development. Report

June – Summing up, connecting the API of new exchanges, creating Telegram Assistant, Adaptive Social Assistant, Arbitrage Assistant, Telegram Assistant, staff expanding. Report.

July – Mobile App, Service of Trader’s Behavioral Analysis, statistics collection. Report.

August – Exchange Order Management Module, interaction testing with other modules, Price Notification Module. Report.

September – Development of network architecture, Analyzer of the News Background, materials collection and tests for Cryptoacademy, the launch of a full-scale marketing campaign. RoadMap update. Report.

October – Anomalous Volume Dynamics Analyzer. Report.

November – Roadmap update, Cryptoacademy, Global Price Analyzer. Report.

December – Module for Cryptocurrency Portfolios Management. Report.


January – Desktop App. Report.

February – Global testing, RoadMap update. Report.

March – Trading Recommendation Platform. Report.


Ihor Torshyn – Chief Executive Officer

Stanislav Ochkur – Business Development

Viktor Daverman – Chief Technology Officer

Julián Marcelo Bernal González – Cyber Security Specialist

Alena Tymoshenko – Head of Marketing

Luis Felicio – Software Web Developer

Tim Marchini – Content Manager

Roscislav Gorbachov – Head Trader

Vlad Nesmiian – Legal Advisor

Evgeniy Sidelnikov – Financial Advisor

Maxim Bashmakov – Art Director

Andrea Meeld – Senior Trading Advisor

Egor Osaulenko – Software Developer

Kateryna Klymko – UX/UI Designer

Denys Bannikov – Blockchain Developer

Janine Lakhotska – Public Relations

Oleg Mazurok – Trading Analyst

For more information,please visit:

Website: https://ftec.io/en

Whitepaper:  https://ftec.io/en/whitepaper

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ftec_found

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ftec.io/

Telegram:  https://t.me/FTECofficial

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ftecfound

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ftec-io

Medium:  https://medium.com/@ftecfound

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxAjFLMR2_X-IZqkhZrt8rA

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