FTEC intelligent ecosystem services for effective trading activities in the cryptocurrency market

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About FTEC

FTEC is an intelligent services ecosystem and a neural network to conduct effective trading activities in the digital currency market. The FTEC platform allows market participants. FTEC creates a new ecosystem for cryptocurrency trading. They combine neural networks and intelligent services to enable traders to have effective strategies for cryptocurrency trading. They want to build tools that anyone can use to help create more effective and profitable trades. The entire FTEC ecosystem will consist of fifteen different solutions. The solution is designed to improve trading efficiency, save time, improve trading strategies, minimize risks, receive information about current trends, and learn trade specifications.
The mission of FTEC is to reduce the number of non-professional traders and transform any beginner who lacks any skills to high-level merchants by creating an integrated ecosystem that will contain all the tools necessary for any training user, experience, and knowledge in the crypto industry.
FTEC has an existing coinbot.club service and cryptoangels.io which is the basis for future FTEC ecosystems


FTEK offers intelligent trading system that can trade automatically by using test algorithm. A user can choose one of the smart trading modules and choose the limits of trade and exchange. Then, with API key connections, the module puts the trade based on the selected algorithm.
The CoinBot feature offers the merchant to manage the session with discussion as referring to each personal selection of the system as a reference strategy to work on appeals as closing trade with minimum risk and more good resources with good readiness from FTEC developers.
Another feature is the adaptive social assistant. With this, users can choose which account to track. These can be things like industry leaders, stock exchanges, enthusiast pages, and project pages. Then the user can select a list of keywords to track. When these keywords appear on a tracked page, the user can receive a notification. This can be used to assist with trading decisions.
There is also a behavioral analysis module. This module can analyze the user’s past trading history and make recommendations on what to change for a more positive outcome. An example of a module’s recommendation is to state that you are out of trade eighty percent of the time. It may make a suggestion to have a three percent higher profit target before getting out of the trade.

The advantages provided by FTEC

1.Increase your sales efficiency (by using smart trading system)
  1. Save your time (by using neural networks for information flow filtering)
  2. Learn the specific crypto trade (with the help of crypto academy database and automatic area)
  3. Improve your trading strategy (by using an intelligent system to analyze your trading history in the crypto currency market)
    5.Minimize the risk of trading activity (using automated search tips for the most profitable bidding on the market)
    6.Receive the latest trends in the industry (through intelligent services to analyze social networking and web search data).
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FTEC is a token that will be used as an ERC-20 based platform utility based on the intelligent Ethereal contract system. As many as 998.4 million FTEC will be released, and will be distributed as follows
10% Pre-Sales
75% for Token Sales
7% for Team
3% for Bounty
3% for Counselors
2% for AirDrop

Here are details of token details

Type ERC20
PreICO0.01 ETH = 293 FTEC
Price at ICO0,01 ETH = 182 FTEC
pre-sale begins 11/4/2018 sd 08/05/2018
ICO begins 29/05/2018 sd 21/06/2018
Min. investment0,1 ETH
Distributed in ICO 85%
Soft Cap 2000 ETH
Hard Cap 55.000 ETH
During the ICO period, unsold tokens will be burned, and if the soft cap target is not reached, all funds will be returned automatically.
Картинки по запросу ftec.io bounty

for more details about this project you can visit the official link below


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