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  1. Hey my dear and highly esteemed cryptocoinpravda cryptocurrency investors,like I am fond of introducing you to reliable and promising projects in the cryptocurrencies sphere , I bring before you today Fuloos platform/project that offers you countless unique opportunities

The 21st century will forever be remembered as the century that ushered in one of the most disruptive technologies in the history of mankind: the blockchain. The breakthrough of this technological phenomenon continues to revolutionize all spheres of human endeavors. We live in an era that is increasingly influenced by technological advancements. Their roles and importance in our daily lives have become increasingly more meaningful and, in many cases, inseparable.
With real technological advancements birthed by the advent of the blockchain technology, mind boggling developments of real time solutions to the world’s problems have not ceased. However we have not yet a platform that uses a blockchain based coin that works on fastest transactions per second (40000tps ) and can be used for daily retail transactions.

This is the era of new money the whole world has been waiting for has arrived

An era where transactions are made to be fast as the speed of light with maximum and unyielding security that can not be compromised by the world’s best hackers.

I honorably enjoin you to kindly seat tightly to enjoy this mind -boggling exposition of one of the best projects in the world to invest in a platform thay will contribute to the creation of the future designing a decentralized peer-to-peer payment processor working on three-layer sharding, super nodes and most importantly EEVVAA technology whose high liquidity and low inflation rate is amazing for merchants and people all over the world for normal daily routine transactions – a digital currency designed for low fees and instant transactions for payments all around the world and merchants that accept cryptocurrency and a digital currency that will avoid the need to consume large quantities of electricity in order to secure a blockchain (eg.it’s estimated that both Bitcoin and Ethereum burn over $1million worth of electricity and hardware costs per day as part of their consensus mechanism).

Fuloos project defined:

Fuloos network is a global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities.

The Fuloos network births the Fuloos coin which is an open-source digital currency, allowing merchants and users across the globe to send transactions fast and with low fees.

Fuloos has its very own Blockchain,all ecommerce plugins, CRM & debit and credit remittance payments , billing solutions,mobile wallets and a lot in store to get the whole world mesmerized.

Fuloos works on open Blockchain and Open API allowing everybody to create their own tools.

Fuloos Coin on December 1st, 2017 was officially released and smartly designed to be a peer-to-peer digital currency with zero processing fees. It is an open source, globally trusted payment mechanism that runs on automotive decentralized layers. Fuloos promises a secure, faster and improved payment processing system where individuals can management their finances on their own. With the rise of block chain currencies, Fuloos offers highest transactions per second (tps) thus leading the digital asset category with its efficient, convenient and faster network base.

Fuloos coin is the next digital currency that uses the Scrypt Algorithm to allow users to transact their funds fast and with low fees across the world without delays with the ability to stake their coins to earn interest on their funds.

Fuloos mining mechanism is an hybrid of PoW (proof of work ) and POS(proof of stakes)

The proof of work mechanism prevents the blockchain from being tampered with

The proof of stake mechanism is an alternative of proof of work which provides increased protection from attempted attack on the network

Adopting Fuloos as the next digital currency will avoid the need to consume large quantities of electricity in order to secure a blockchain (eg.it’s estimated that both Bitcoin and Ethereum burn over $1million worth of electricity and hardware costs per day as part of their consensus mechanism).

Fuloos main infrastructure is backed by multiple dedicated nodes to insure our network never goes down and allowing users to use Fuloos Coin any time of the day providing a secure and reliable environment for merchants with no downtime what’s so ever.

Why you should choose Fuloos as your next investment option?

A. Stability , scalability and low inflation rate of Fuloos coin. Fuloos coin has high liquidity and low inflation rate and will have the vest potential to be the most probable coin that will be accepted world wide for payment transactions.
With a cap of 100 million coins in circulation and inbuilt PoS algorithm, Fuloos offers liquidity along with stability.

B. Mass adoption: Fuloos is currently being suupported in 195 countries.

Fuloos Coin has grown a lot since it started in 2017, reaching over 35,000 members supporting the community and the development team for the future of the Fuloos. Fuloos Coin is a cryptocurrency with supporters all over the world. You can hear the news about Fuloos in your native language and meet other users in our community! This has driven Fuloos to be the most affordable cryptocurrency for merchants and users around the world ,making it easier to pay for services, friends or employees with almost instant transactions.

With current 100+ partnerships in place and more to come; Fuloos promises a brighter future with quick mass adoption.

C. As an investor or holder of Fuloos coin, you have the privilege to earn interest on your funds with Staking also known as Proof-of-Stake or POS

There is a proof of stake calculator to calculate your interests gained by being a holder of Fuloos coin

For instance, if you had 100000 Fuloos Coin’s and if the transaction’s dates have been longer than seven days, I could potentially earn 85 Fuloos Coin’s every 10 minutes. Is not that amazing that this project will cut many edges in this era of blockchain technology.

D. As an investor or holder of Fuloos coin, you can purchase items or buy goods/services using Fuloos. Popular E-commerce Platforms that will accept Fuloos are
WordPress (Woocommerce),WHMCS, Shopify and so much more . Fuloos is rapidly expanding and will soon become the first cryotocurrency worldwide that will be accepted globally for daily transactions

E. Fuloos is already trading on two big exchanges at the moment namely stockexchange and Octahex( https://stocks.exchange/trade/FLS/BTC,https://octaex.com/trade/index/market/fls_usd). Many bigger exchanges will list Fuloos as soon as possible and Fuloos will be withing reach for good trading

Fuloos Coin listing on leading exchanges will be the top priority of the Fuloos team which will smoothen h the demand and supply for Fuloos.

F. The sophisticated Fuloos wallet. Recently, the n beta version of Fuloos Mobile Wallet for Android has been officially announced to the public to have been released. The use of Fuloos wallet will help you as a coin holder to be free from fear of insecurity of your funds. With the recent attacks by hackers on MEW wallets(et al) which have led to losses of millions of coins recently. You can rest assured it not the same with Fuloos wallet and you stand no risks of losing your valuable Fuloos coins
Here’s a list of wallet options to store your coins:

-Official Web-Wallet
-Official Desktop Wallets
-Official Mobile Wallets
-Official Merchant Platform

G. Very fast transactions: EEVVAA which is an autonomous system based on artificial intelligence that has been developed by its Founder Crypto Knight make Fuloos transactions faster and fully automated

Fuloos Coin is fast enough for merchants to have access to their funds within 90 seconds of receiving there payment and Fuloos offers the highest transactions per second which allow you to process about 40,000 transactions per second.

Meet the team behind Fuloos


Coin metrics, coin distribution and exchange details:

No ICO for Fuloos

You can buy Fuloos on these two exchanges listed


  1. Octaex exchange and
  2. Stocksexchange

Via these links,



N.B : more exchanges will be listing Fuloos soon

The total circulation of Fuloos is 100 million Fuloos digital coins

Current circulation of Fuloos is 31 million and is currently being supported in 195 countries

As of the time of writing this blog about Fuloos , each Fuloos coin costs $0.065. Prices may go up or down depend on the demands but expect it more to rise as the demands for Fuloos increases daily in and out.




December 2017

Official Announcement

The first of December, Fuloos officially announced Fuloos Coin on Bitcointalk.

December 2017

Smaller Exchanges

The 19th December, Fuloos was officially announced on Stocks.Exchange hitting their 2nd milestone within the first month of release.

March 2018

Web Wallet Released

The first official web-wallet was released to the community for public use after several beta releases supported by the community. Web-wallet

May 2018

Medium Exchanges

The 14th May, Fuloos was officially announced on octaex.com hitting the 4th milestone within the first 6 months of release.

June 2018

Mobile Wallet

The mobile of Fuloos is currently in development and our first official android application will be announced within a few weeks.

June 2018

Merchant Platform

The merchant platform is also currently in development and will be released in june time after several beta testings have been completed.

October 2018

Major Exchanges

Hoping a major exchange accepts Fuloos Coin and brings a greater trading volume to the current exchanges that supply our current market cap.

For more information about Fuloos, kindly visit:


My bitcointalk profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1547752;sa=summary

My Fuloos wallet address: F8Xwf3etWyaqEzkdAcNuLGBPzNLbb4ha2w


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