Fund Fantasy — an innovative platform for those who earns playfully

This blockchain technology platform will be useful for those who love to play crypto awakening and earn at the same time, simply by collecting some digital money and predicting their behavior. The more you do, the more wins you’ll get on this platform. Why it is profitable to use it: because everyone will be completely transparent, open, not gamble or bet. This FundFantasy intends to do in online trading market.

FundFantasy is currently testing a private platform beta for trading and simulating the investment of financial assets. All competition conditions in advance have been given and the results are known before the beginning. As the game begins, participants can see and compare their portfolios with — serving their opponents.

Thanks to this platform, participants can earn a pretty solid win, while maintaining certain costs and not relying on market fluctuations. The number of starts for the game can be small, even close to zero, so very appealing to the player.

Make a concise conclusion — this project will allow not only professional analysts to win great prizes, but also simple fans, while using a small amount of bets.

This is a public online platform, where there is fair competition, based on investments and other assets, where participants compete with each other by creating a portfolio of commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies. At times they can go from one hour and up to a year. You need to take part in the competition:

To purchase tickets, which will be contributed to the overall prize of the contest Fund. The project will take 5–10% of the cost of each contest, and the rest is distributed among the winners according to the prize distribution model. Costs are used for operational and marketing purposes as well as Fund Funds for Financial Funds (FFPP).
You need to create and present your portfolio. Participants may include including stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies. Submitted by user portfolio ordered and ranked, as soon as the contest ends with a rate of return calculated based on quotas of established and well-established data mining. Bags that are encrypted from user upload and publication just after the start of the contest — so asymmetric information issues
Refreshing FundFantasy and new investments — a fantasy experience, and they are proud that the introduction of this new fantasy category to a decentralized economy.

Who does not want to win the lottery in life, who has money involved in it? No wonder fantasy sports, gambling and betting are the fastest growing businesses in the world, where billions of dollars are spent and won. FUND FANTASY has tried to incorporate one of the most well-known and accepted elements into the trade and investment sector. It looks interesting and we are waiting for things to go as soon as the platform is launched. I thought it would be a big hit among the likes of daily fantasy sports?

To make the Fantasy Investment Platform, they do an ICO. A total of 80,000,000 FUNDZ tokens will be available for token sales. People can participate in ICO by purchasing tokens during pre-sale sales, or ICO primary sales.

ICO begins on January 25, 2018 and continues until February 25, 2018. The team behind this project is experienced in trade and investment. We look forward to seeing a great experience for our users.

Token Sale
The total supply of FundTokens will be 80,000,000 FUNDZ. New issuances of FUNDZ are not possible. During the pre-sale phase, FundFantasy will accept payments from select individuals or entities prior to the token sale, at a negotiated price. FundFantasy reserves the right to change the price per token for pre-sale customers. The total amount of FundTokens to be sold in the presale is 4,000,000 tokens, which constitute 5% of the total supply of FUNDZ.
The token sale and the corresponding token creation process will be organized with smart contracts running on Ethereum. Participants willing to purchase FUNDZ can do so by sending ETH to the designated address which will be published prior to the token sale. During the public token sale we will make 56,000,000 FundTokens available for purchase, which constitute 70% of the total FundToken supply.

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