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FundFantasy is the main provably-reasonable dream gaming platform for back fans, fueled by blockchain innovation. Our platform empowers trustless and straightforward gaming and is, in this manner, a characteristic answer for surely understood issues in both the web based trading and the web based gaming/betting markets. When the age-old sports betting industry was revolutionized by the rise of Day by day Fantasy Sports, individuals were helped to remember the way that smart thoughts can change the world. This is accurately what FundFantasy expects to do to the online trading market. FundFantasy is at present beta-testing its own one of a kind Financial Fantasy Contest Platform recreating interests in budgetary resources in a fun, secure, and dependable condition, free of the irreconcilable circumstances which torment the two markets.

The Solution: FundFantasy
FundFantasy is an online social platform featuring peer-to-peer, provably-fair simulated investing contests, where users compete for prizes by crafting the ultimate portfolio. Contests vary in duration and can range from 1 hour to a full year. Participation in a contest is done by:
Purchasing a ticket and thus contributing to the contest’s prize pool. FundFantasy charges a 5–10% fee from every contest and the rest is distributed among the winners as prizes, according to the prize allocation model. The fees are used for operating and marketing purposes as well as to fund the FundFantasy Prize Pool (FFPP).

Creating and submitting a portfolio. Users, when creating their portfolios can choose assets from various asset classes including stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies. These user-submitted portfolios are sorted and ranked as soon as the contest ends according to their rate-of-return, as calculated on the basis of price quotes from established and well known financial data APIs. Portfolios are encrypted from the moment they are submitted by the user and are only published once the contest starts- this way we solve the problem of asymmetric information which may result when fantasy employees have access to the portfolios submitted by users; such a situation can be exploited by management or employees gaining an unfair advantage.

FundFantasy is a refreshing and new investment-fantasy experience, and we are proud to be the ones introducing this new fantasy category to the decentralized economy.
The fantasy model has already demonstrated its popularity and mass acceptance in the US as in the case of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).
FundFantasy is creating the missing link between two popular markets by providing a safe, provably-fair, and simplified way to play the role of an investor/fund manager, move up in rank, and win prizes in the first game of its kind.

The FundFantasy Platform
Our self-funded platform is already built and operational, and the alpha version is scheduled to be launched in the coming months. Contests will be published on the platform’s lobby. All of the details are upfront for users to examine before entering contests, including ticket price, fees, prizes, date & duration, entries and so on. Since ticket prices are fixed, participation risk is known in advance and is independent of market volatility. Asset prices come from well known and respected 3rd party financial data providers. Portfolios are encrypted from the moment they are submitted until the contest locks up and starts, at which point they will be visible to the contest’s participants, making our contests provably-fair top to bottom. Although the game revolves around financial assets, our platform does not purchase any financial assets on behalf of clients — it only relies on market data to conduct the relevant calculations. As such it is characterized by a much lighter attitude, lower counter party risk, full transparency, and chances at higher payouts. Users enter contests by purchasing entry tickets and submitting their portfolios.
Contests vary in duration, size, asset-classes, and other variables. Decentralized smart contracts will manage the whole process; deposits, ticket purchases, contests, prize payouts and withdrawals are all done without human intervention.

Token Sale
The total supply of FundTokens will be 80,000,000 FUNDZ. New issuances of FUNDZ are not possible. During the pre-sale phase, FundFantasy will accept payments from select individuals or entities prior to the token sale, at a negotiated price. FundFantasy reserves the right to change the price per token for pre-sale customers. The total amount of FundTokens to be sold in the presale is 4,000,000 tokens, which constitute 5% of the total supply of FUNDZ.
The token sale and the corresponding token creation process will be organized with smart contracts running on Ethereum. Participants willing to purchase FUNDZ can do so by sending ETH to the designated address which will be published prior to the token sale. During the public token sale we will make 56,000,000 FundTokens available for purchase, which constitute 70% of the total FundToken supply.

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