Fund Fantasy – the platform for traders where you earn effortlessly


Fund Fantasy is more similar to a trading platform where it is very easy for users to get profit.

The question is in how they are able to do it?
Well, everything that from them is required, is to show the final profile to a portfolio and in exchange to receive a prize prize. Earnings can’t be easier!

All credit goes on blockchain technology as it does things absolutely safe and easy.

FundFantasy is created for traders, gamers, retail investors or any who wants to practice skills of the financial analysis in a cheerful and safe situation, having an opportunity to win prizes.

Blockchain is a new technological platform which works at millions of devices and is available to all who not only provide us information, but also many valuable things, such as money, names, actions, art, inventions of an invention and other movements of intellectual property can store and to store in safety and confidentiality, where to place trust not only on the one hand, but also with all interested points.

Well, and now we will return to our game Fund Fantasy platform.
To features:

Fund Fantasy offers a set of functions, and they look as follows.

The platform is completely transparent, and all details which are necessary, easily available to you to them.

It is very fair. Various prime cost is based on quantity of factors, and they are taken from API

The Fantasy fund is very simple in use. The gameplay is very interesting. There is a flexibility in order that users respectively allocated the funds.

Platform very interesting and social. There is even a privilege to create own competitions and to invite friends for participation.

If we speak about profit, Fund Fantasy is completely profitable as it allows users not only to participate in competitions, but also and an opportunity to bring an own token, such as FundToken, Bitcoin, etc.

In collecting in which you have to pay very low for participation. Besides, the Imagination Fund also has very low commission, and these are about about 10%.

Game process:

It is enough to take several steps, steps very easy.

First, they should choose a competition from different available options.

The best competitions reward winners a set of awards. The period of holding competitions varies and about a month can usually last. For players free competitions have also been presented.

Secondly, users should create the portfolio. There are different classes of assets, and users can choose from these classes. The class varies and includes actions, cryptography and goods.

Besides, it will give privilege to users to choose and choose how many investments they want to make. Later they can hammer the prices according to their abstention.

Thirdly, the final – to win prizes. Share tokens will be used for commission of any transactions on the Fund Fantasy platform. It is possible to call it payment of currency for platforms

The token sale and the corresponding token creation process will be organized with smart contracts running on Ethereum. Participants willing to purchase FUNDZ can do so by sending ETH to the designated address which will be published prior to the token sale. During the public token sale we will make 56,000,000 FundTokens available for purchase, which constitute 70% of the total FundToken supply.

FUND FANTASY has tried to incorporate one of the most well-known and accepted elements into the trade and investment sector. It looks interesting and we are waiting for things to go as soon as the platform is launched.

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