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The online trading market has become a serious business where every investor or trader wants to invest and make money. Of course the online trading market offers enormous potential for instant money making and this is the reason why more and more investors are heading for online trading leaving other financial instruments. Another reason for the popularity of this exceptional online trading market is the availability of online trading services. With such services, investors and traders can trade in Cryptocurrencies easily from anywhere in the world. Online trading is almost possible throughout the day and such opportunities are possible from online trading services.
Most retail merchants only store financial assets so they are offered at a higher cost and do not benefit from the original owner of the asset. Peer-to-peer based simulation investment platforms, blockchains that rely on real market information will allow retail brokers to continue to hone budget inquiries for profit, without the dangers of major partners currently involved. Supported by an ecosystem that drives growth and procurement of new clients, and given the presence of deflationary currency, FundFantasy platform will reform the online trading market.
FundFantasy is the ultimate fantasy gaming platform that makes perfect sense for financial fans, controlled by blockchain technology. Our platforms empower the game mercilessly and instantly and are, therefore, a natural solution to a well-known problem in the world of online commerce as well as the online gaming / gambling market. At the point when the old sports betting industry was reformed by climbing the Daily Fantasy Sports, individuals were helped to remember how intelligent thinking can change the world. This is accurately what FundFantasy hopes to do with the online trading market.
FundFantasy is currently testing its own Financial Fantasy Contest platform that reinvest investments in money-related resources in pleasant, safe, and reliable conditions, free of the irreconcilable conditions that disrupt both markets.
Although, there are some problems in the field and some of them are mentioned below.
  • There is a conflict of interest in the world of commerce, which makes people very skeptical of the environment in which people trade.
  • Uncertainty about the internal processes and workings of the system makes people wary of the world of commerce.
  • The market is mostly filled with speculators who do not want to play for the long term
These issues have been trimmed in the trading environment causing many problems.
FUND FANTASY is building a platform that lets users buy tickets to participate in fantasy investment experiences. It’s similar to everyday fantasy sports, but for trading and investment purposes.
Buy tickets and contest to win daily prizes. Various contests will be on the platform from one hour to a year.
  • Fully transparent: All contest details are upfront and available for inspection before admission. Once the contest begins the user can view and compare their portfolios with those filed by their opponents.
  • Very Fair: Asset prices are based on accurate and publicly available data from well-known and respected API financial data. The portfolio is encrypted until the contest locks and starts, and is therefore inaccessible even to FundFantasy employees.
  • Easy to use: A very intuitive gameplay. Users allocate 1 million virtual virtual dollars to their long / short positions on the assets available on our platform.
  • Social: Users can create their own contest and invite their friends.
  • Beneficial: Users can participate in a contest that brings FundToken, BitCoin, and Ether prizes
  • Low cost: FundFantasy costs only up to 10% of each contest.
  • No actual ownership of financial assets
  • There is no conflict of interest
  • Responsible Games & Self-Exclusion: Users can limit and limit their own gaming behavior.
  • Multiplier contest: User has the opportunity to win x2, x3 of participation fee.
  • Reward prizes: A top-heavy contest will ensure the winner gets a decent prize.
  • Low entry barriers: Free contests are also available.
  • Multiple Entries allowed: Users can create and submit the best portfolio they can think of.
  • Much more fun

Online Trading Market:

People who are actively involved, independent investments are now a regular part of the social landscape. According to Celent 2015:
The independent investor segment grew faster than the non-self-directed segment (4.9% and 1.4% respectively). The US self-reliant population rebounds from traditional investors and more towards active investors and active traders. Women and the millennium will continue to enter self-directed markets across all customer segments, slowly changing the profile of the self-directed average investor.
This means that the market is already educated (and more) in the art of capital allocation, which is at the heart of FundFantasy. Users can involve the FundFantasy platform with easy intuitive. It is also widely known that retail online trading is a huge market, to say the least. According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS):
The volume of foreign exchange trading accounts for 5.5% of the total foreign exchange market ($ 282 billion in 2007) daily trading turnover). The foreign exchange market averages $ 5.1 trillion per day in April 2016.
You can participate in ICO and buy their token. Details in this image:
FundTokens aggregate offer will be 80,000,000 FUNDZ. The new publication of FUNDZ is not practical. In the middle of the pre-agreement stage, FundFantasy will receive payments from selected persons or entities prior to the sale of tokens, at negotiated prices. FundFantasy keeps all the authority to change the price per token for a pre-sales customer. The total amount of DanaTokens to be sold in presale is 4,000,000 tokens, which represents 5% of FUNDZ’s total inventory.
The token sales and corresponding token creation process will be organized with sharp contracts running in Ethereal. Members or Participants willing to purchase FUNDZ may do so by sending the ETH to the assigned address to be published prior to the sale of the token.
Amid public token sales, we will provide 56,000,000 FundTokens for purchase, which is 70% of aggregate FundToken inventory.
Prizes will be awarded to participants / members in the sale of tokens as indicated by the award plan. Token sales will begin on February 25, 2018 (GMT 12:00), and will expire when one of the following occurs:
  • March 25, 2018 * (GMT 12:00)
  • FundTokens is sold out
  • USD 15m raised

FundFantasy reserves the right to postpone the launch date and also the closing date of public token sales for almost 90 days.

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