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About Crypto:

Vast cybercrime like this, along with the development of Crypto, the theft of digital assets is more and more frequent, in particular, trading floors with poor security levels or newly released life

Bitcoin is considered a venture capital sector because the value of this currency is constantly fluctuating, regulations and management are not clear, especially the risk of cyber attack. Security company Symantec said it witnessed a 10-fold increase in malicious code targeting pre-coding.

In fact, not until Bitcoin was priced at $ 16,000 today but right from 2011, when the currency was only about $ 20, it became the target of hackers. Over the years, many attacks on trading floors have caused huge losses to investors.

Featured as the case of Bitcoinica floor was hacked 18,000 Bitcoin. A follow-up investigation was conducted and service users claimed $ 460,000.

Recognizing the current dangers, the BCNEX Exchange has very sophisticated security layers:

The dispersion system has extremely high stability:

BCNEX is designed and built based on a distributed model to ensure easy scalability by adding physical servers when the system needs to serve large traffic.

The optimal wallet solution

After a long time researching and cooperating with many reputable security firms. BCNEX has designed an absolute safe wallet solution even when the system is compromised while at the same time ensuring the system’s liquidity. They use cold and hot wallets in combination with secure hardware.

To enhance the security of BCNEX hot wallet, it has used hardware modules to perform 2FA transaction authentication tasks, transaction limit for a period of time and send transactions on the blockchain. These mechanisms are responsible for automatically checking integrity when authenticating transactions periodically and will stop working when there is interference. BCNEX wallet system always ensures the best asset of the user.

High security technique

Many exchanges are quickly built up by low-level design engineers who do not know or update the market today because technology is increasingly sophisticated if not constantly updated, it will be pushed back. after .

But BCNEX is designed by a team of more than 10 years of experience in Forex. They understand and have a lot of experience to build BCNEX.

Project team



With high security, I can assure you that if hackers can access the BCNEX trading platform, it is certain that the exchanges in the world will be hacked. According to my experience, this is the best trading platform I’ve ever known

Website: https://www.bcnex.net

Telegram: https://t.me/Bcnex_Official


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