Cryptocurrency Mining that Benefis the Environment

Cryptocurrency mining has begun taking on new forms. Notions such as ‘home mining’ are disappearing and are being replaced with high-performance data centres which consume enormous amount of energy resources. This becomes a real problem for many governments and states, resulting in heavy regulation of energy consumption. In turn, this negatively affects the efficiency of cryptocurrency mining. In the near future, this trend is likely to continue. Every day the profitability of cryptocurrency mining equipment declines due to the ever-growing complexity of the network.

The Future Energy Project was created to solve this problem. We will optimize mining costs through construction or purchase of non-traditional sources of electric power generated by renewable energy sources and nuclear energy. Controlling energy cost is the single best way to ensure profitability due to the complex, unpredictable and ever changing nature of cryptocurrency.

The goals of the Future Energy Project

  • Reduction of electricity costs to zero.
  • Independence from central networks.
  • Utilizing non-standard generation with an operational component equal to zero.
  • Unique capacity for implementation of the project in countries with a lack of electricity or its high cost.


Use of the tokens from the first day of purchase

For the duration of the project we will install the mining modules on our established farm with an electricity tariff of $ 0.05


Upon completion of the installation, the cost of kW/h will be 0. This guarantees profitable mining


We generate our own electricity and are not dependent on central electric networks and their tariffs


Plants are fully automated and do not require maintenance personnel. No raw materials are required

Ecologically clean way of obtaining energy

Our developments in electricity generation resolve a number of environmental concerns, substantially reducing CO2 and H2S emissions


We have an internally developed security system for mining modules and software protection


We have 49 patented developments in the field of renewable energy

Our operational farm has been operating since 2014 with the computing power of 9.6Ph by SHA256

Our team includes world-renowned scientists and professors

FUTURE ENERGY has been engaged in the mining of crypto currency since 2014. We are currently based on our own land and utilize a voltage power transmission line from the 110 kV substation. Currently, we are able to increase capacity to 50 MW at a tariff of $0.05 per 1 kW / h. This will ensure mining modules continue to run for the period of construction of our own renewable energy farms.

Since 2014 our team has grown to include a group of world-renowned scientists. We deliver an efficient, economical, clean and independent energy supply solution for our mining modules. Currently, 49 of our developments have been patented in the field of renewable energy sources and sources of atom energy for peaceful purposes, most of which have been actualized.

Landfill gas

Landfill gas is a product of natural decomposition of solid domestic and industrial waste. A person cannot live without leaving solid household waste (SHW). On average, it is considered that 250kg of garbage accumulates per inhabitant per year.

Production and consumption wastes actually take second place in environmental pollution after accidents in oil pipelines. Collection, neutralisation, extraction and disposal of waste is an actual problem.

The rapid increase in consumption in recent deca des throughout the world has led to a significant increase in the volume of solid household waste. Currently, the mass of the solid waste stream that enters the biosphere annually reaches almost a geological scale and is about 400 million tons per year. The effect of the SHW stream has an acute effect on the global geochemical cycles of a number of biophilic elements, in particular organic carbon. Thus, the mass of this element entering the environment with waste amounts to approximately 85 million tons per year, while the total natural carbon influx into pedosphere of the planet is only 41.4 million tons per year. One of the main ways to remove solid waste is through burial, where the waste is subjected to intensive biochemical decomposition, which causes the generation of biogas, called landfill gas (LG).

Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases are transparent gases in the atmosphere which absorb and emit radiant energy within the thermal infrared range. The presence of such gases in the atmosphere leads results in the greenhouse effect. The primary greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and ozone (in order of their estimated impact on the heat balance). Anthropogenic halogenated hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides may also contribute to the greenhouse effect, but due to their low concentrations in the atmosphere, it is difficult to assess whether their contribution is problematic.

Use of collected funds

47% of the collected funds will be spent on the construction of a facility that generates its own power.

45% of the collected funds will be spent on the construction of mining modules and the purchase of mining equipment. These will be installed for the period of construction of the plant with its own generation at our operational mining farm with electricity tariffs of 0.05c per 1 kW / h, which will allow holders of FGY tokens to immediately begin earning revenue from mining.

5% Marketing

3% Bounty Program


Andrey Kadochnikov: Founder

Sergey Scheklein: Chief Researcher/ Chief of Research

Elizaveta Gulyakova: Public Relations and Marketing

Alexander Marakulin: Lawyer

Nemihin Yuri: Inventor

Olga Kolmogorova: Project manager

Alexander Popov: Inventor

Ilya Kochnev: Expert

Rinat Farhushin: Blockchain Support

Denis Kurennov: Technical Specialist

ICO [20 October – 31 Desember]

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