FUTURE ENERGY – Cryptocurrency Mining that Benefits the Environment

Friend, get acquainted with the ENERGI Future campaign https://icoenergy.org/ . An unprecedented campaign Future ENERGY has been involved in cryptocurrency mining since 2014. Every day, equipment profitability and cryptocurrency mining are reduced due to the increasing complexity of the network.

The ENERGI Future Project was created to solve this problem.
  ENERGY Future plans to optimize production costs through the construction or acquisition of unconventional electricity sources through renewable energy and nuclear energy. 
Controlling energy costs is the only best way to ensure profitability because the nature of cryptocurrency is complex, unpredictable and always changing.
 At present, the Future ENERGY campaign is based on its own land and uses a voltage transmission line from a 110 kV substation. 
  Future ENERGY can increase power to 50 MW at a rate of $ 0.05 per 1 kW / hour. This will ensure that the mining module will continue to work during the construction of their own renewable energy fields. 

It’s no secret that the main cost of a mining cryptocurrency is electricity. This trend will continue thanks to the development of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. “ASIC Revolution” technology used for bitcoin mining will soon end.

 The ASIC chip format for mining approaches the nanometer limit of Moore’s law. For this reason, a substantial increase in chip production in the future is impossible. 

This leads to the commoditization of chips, which means that they become simple goods in the eyes of the market or consumers and suddenly fall in price. This will lead to the fact that producers must focus on mass production to benefit from volume, rather than using technological advancements.

 Because of the race to develop the most advanced technology, the bitcoin mining industry will enter a state of overproduction equipment. The factor that determines production is electricity, not equipment efficiency. We stand at the forefront of this global race without competitors. Our energy costs are zero because we invest in green energy production during the construction phase. Our power plant provides free green energy with a plant life span of 40 years. 

Source: https://icoenergy.org/docs/WP_eng.pdf 

ENERGY Future will spend part of the funds collected during the ICO to purchase ASIC miners with a total capacity of 14,500 th (capacity will depend on the amount received during the ICO ).Ecomining will work on clean energy, which you don’t need to pay.

will be allocated based on smart contracts in accordance with the following principles: 80% of bitcoin will be distributed among ecomining members , and 20% will be spent on maintenance, repair and purchase of new equipment. Distribution will take place on the first day of each month. 

The use of funds collected 

47% of the funds collected will be used for the construction of facilities that create their own strength.

45% of the funds collected will be used for the construction of mining modules and acquisition of mining equipment. They will be installed for the period of construction of their own generation plant in the mountain fields which operates at an electricity tariff of 0.05 c per 1 kW / hour, which will enable FGY token holders to immediately start receiving income from mining. 

Information about iko: 

Future ENERGY signFGY, Ethereum is a token, which is used as a form of payment for hosting capacity of ENERGY’s future project mountain cryptocurrency . The initial launch of the token refers to the initial public sale of FGY. 

PRE ICO: tokens will be available for purchase within 60 days from 01/11/2018 to 12/31/2018.
ICO: tokens will be available for purchase within 90 days starting 01/01/2019 until 03/31/2019. 
Soft cover (pre ICO) 500 ETH. 
Hard cap (pre ICO) 1,500 ETH. 
Soft cover (ICO) 12,500 ETH. 
Hard cap (ICO) 50,000 ETH. 

For every 100 tokens sold during the proposed time period, 15 additional tokens will be issued and stored for distribution among team members, partners and consultants. 
Price per token at the time of the problem: equivalent to ETH 0.0035 to 0.005 ETH, depending on the date of purchase. 
Payment Methods Received: Ethereum 

How the Future ENERGY plans to generate electricity, you can study the project’s technical documentation(on personal notes, that team’s ideas and methods, “small cars and trucks”), as well as asking your questions can be on forums or telegram project chats . 
The project team consists of highly qualified specialists, joining, I don’t think you will regret, 

all profit 


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