Galaxy eSolution – The established business as an answer to the blockchain solution

The sharing economy, or collaborative consumption, refers to resource circulation systems which allow consumers a two-sided role, in which consumers may act as both providers of resources and obtainers of resources. This vision allows for a broad understanding of the sharing economy in regards to the overarching criteria of changing consumer capacity.

The problem for this vision of economy was refurbished phones (B2B/C2B) industry pain points :
  1. Phone Versions Unclear/Products Not as Described
  2. Potential Frauds/Scams
  3. High Cross-Border Transaction Costs
  4. Product Movement Verification
The refurbished phone trade is a multi-billion USD with double digit percen gross profit, high volume and high trading frequency globalized business reach out 30BN USD market size by 2020 (just phones) and yet it is a complex industry as it lacks standardization in areas such as trading terms, product versions and compatibility, and especially in product grading and quality with environmental friendliness.
Blockchain is the truly solution to solve the problem. One solution to ensure the right products in the right markets is to obtain the phone IMEI from the sellers. The IMEI numbers can also be used to ensure that the goods are not stolen goods. As such, putting such critical information on blockchain would certainly help to stop scams as well as improving trading experience. Cross-border transaction fees will be greatly reduced by choosing to transact using cryptocurrencies such as GES tokens. Time will also be saved and transactions could happen within hours, rather than days. Both of these are extremely important in the phone trading industry since it is a low margin, high turnover business where quick turnaround is always critical in business performance. Information can be put on the blockchain, improving trading experience, combating fraud, and preventing shipment inconsistencies.

Galaxy eSolution

Galaxy eSolutions is the answer from blockchain solution. Galaxy eSolutions, Limited is a global eCommerce ecosystem with fast growth and real traction, reaching near 20M USD sales within its first year of operation. Our vision is to fully integrate blockchain and evolve into a hybrid ecosystem with marketplace platform, so as to resolve the several pain points in the multi-billion preowned and refurbished electronics industry. Galaxy eSolutions was reached almost 2M USD monthly sales within 9 months and monthly operational break-even point in August 2017. We have exclusive partnership with licensed Apple and Samsung refurbishment factory in bonded zone and full team of procurement specialists, quality inspectors, customer service specialists, logistic officers, marketing specialists, an IT team, and an accounting team.
Company Details Galaxy eSolutions
▪ Cross Cross Cross Global eCommerce Specialist.
▪ Entered into Hong Kong.
▪ Launched in December 2016.
▪ Current products include updated Apple and iPad phones, Samsung, HTC, LG, Google Phone, and DJI Drones.
▪ Foreign support offices in the Philippines, Europe, Australia.
▪ Number of Staff: 55
▪ Sales Projection (2017): 20 million USD
▪ Number of Country Markets: 26 (Europe, ANZ, NA, etc.)
▪ Marked Markets Country: 50+
▪ Number of Current Website: 4 main sites (30 if including existing subdomains
localized with local languages, marketing and payment options).
▪ Proprietary ERP system.
▪ Complete eCommerce solutions including logistics centers, fulfillment, payment gateway solutions, RMA support, e-marketing
Token Offer
▪ Token symbol: GES
▪ Token usage: Token can be used in the ecosystem for services and products.
▪ A user token receives a 5% tokens gift for purchase at the end of each month.
▪ Maximum supply: 300M with unsold token burned.
▪ Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 GES Tokens (0.0001 ETH per token).
▪ Minimum Purchases: .1 ETH
▪ Hardcap: 20,000 ETH
▪ Special Note on GES Tokens:
Market Buyback: 20% quarterly profit is used for quarterly repurchases with 50% burned. Token Value Protection: Galaxy eSolutions to buy back gradually as long as the market price falls below the list price.
You can follow the link below for more information about Galaxy eSolutions and you can follow ICO Galaxy eSolutions and bountynya:

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