Galaxy eSolutions – GES ICO Refurbished consumer electronics.

What is Galaxy eSolutions?
Galaxy eSolutions, or GES, describes itself as “a global cross-border e-commerce business that should be a leader in the used and renovated consumer electronics market.” Headquartered in Hong Kong.
In principle, Galaxy eSolutions wants to sell refurbished consumer electronics in the global marketplace. “Recycling” refers to used electronics, which have been cleaned and repaired. In most cases, repaired electronics are identical with new electronic equipment, but technically used before. It’s like buying a certified used car from a car dealer: you get an extra level of protection rather than with personal sales.
Today, major retailers, such as Best Buy, have a recovery program. Now Galaxy eSolutions wants to create a recovery program that sells electronics worldwide.
Galaxy eSolutions has its own improvements in China. This object, called “Furunzi”, is the state’s competent company. Galaxy eSolutions returns consumer electronics at this factory before selling it to the world.
How does Galaxy eSolutions work?
Galaxy eSolutions aims to create a global market for used smartphones and other refurbished consumer electronics. The company fixes and clears used consumer scrap, and then sells these electronics for the discounted price online.
All business processes are managed by Galaxy eSolutions. They do not work with scavengers to handle phones, nor do they work with online shops. Instead, all the work is done by the company itself.
Now Galaxy eSolutions customers can buy electronics that have been repaired from 26 countries. The Company uses, updates and distributes its own products.
The Galaxy eSolutions platform revolves around the use of GES tokens, which are forms of utility tokens made for ICO GES.

Use of Funds

Inventory | 35%
Working Capital | 15%
System Development and Blockchain | 20%
Center for Overseas Fulfillment | 10%
System and Website Development | 5%
Development of O2O | 5%
Social Marketing and Branding | 5%
Application Development | 2%
Development Company | 1.5%
Talent Acquisitions | 1.5%
Advantages of Galaxy eSolutions
Galaxy eSolutions, Limited is a Global Cross business that will be a Market Leader in Consumer Electronics Sector Pre-owned and Refurbished. Galaxy eSolutions is headquartered in Hong Kong and has our eyes on the Global Marketplace. Among his achievements include:
▪ Achieve nearly 2 million USD monthly sales within 9 months.
▪ Reach the monthly operating break-even point in August 2017.
▪ Projected to achieve sales of 20 million USD in 2018.
▪ Exclusive partnership with Apple and Samsung repair plants licensed in the bonded zone of Indonesia.
Company Details Galaxy eSolutions
▪ Cross Cross Cross Global eCommerce Specialist.
▪ Entered into Hong Kong.
▪ Launched in December 2016.
▪ Current products include updated Apple and iPad phones, Samsung, HTC, LG, Google Phone and DJI Drones.
▪ Foreign support offices in the Philippines, Europe, Australia.
▪ Number of Staff: 55
▪ Sales Projection (2017): 20 million USD
▪ Number of Country Markets: 26 (Europe, ANZ, NA, etc.)
▪ Marked Markets Country: 50+
▪ Number of Current Website: 4 main sites (30 if including existing subdomains
localized with local languages, marketing and payment options).
▪ Proprietary ERP system.
▪ Complete eCommerce solutions including logistics center, fulfillment, payment gateway solution, RMA support, e-marketing
Token Offer
▪ Token symbol: GES
▪ Token usage: Token can be used in the ecosystem for services and products.
▪ A user token receives a 5% tokens gift for purchase at the end of each month.
▪ Maximum supply: 300M with unsold token burned.
▪ Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 GES Tokens (0.0001 ETH per token).
▪ Minimum Purchases: .1 ETH
▪ Hardcap: 20,000 ETH
▪ Special Note on GES Tokens:
Market Buyback: 20% quarterly profit is used for quarterly repurchases with 50% burned. Token Value Protection: Galaxy eSolutions to buy back gradually as long as the market price falls below the list price.
Team Details Alle Galaxy eSolutions:

1. Yuen Wong, Co. Gründer, CEO

2. Joe Chan, senior technologist
3. Erik Hofmann, Chief Marketing Officer
4. Chris Wong, Chief Operating Officer

of Hain Development Block:

1. Ben Xiong, CEO and CTO

2. Wayne Shao, COO
3. Rick Wang, CMO

Team professional solutions:

1. Brian Colwell, ICO Berater, Crypto Advisor

2. Simon Choi, Fintech, Blockhain and ICO Global Lawyers
3. Pranay Burnwai, Regional Director of Education Network
Blockhain and Senior Application Developer
4. Brennan Brennett, Blockhain Technologe

1. Neil Thomas, CEO & Founder in Muzaara

2. Dr. John Wong, vice chairman of Global Network Executive
3. Stanley Lee, President of the Hong Kong Ecomerce Association
4. Abdulaziz Aljouf, founder of Paytabs
5. Jordan Miller, founder of Paradigm Agency
6. Ken Wong, GM at Continental Global Service and Executive  Officer of HK Ecomerce Association

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