Greetings Communities, in this new post I will discuss about the GES ICO Project and for that here is the Explanation:
    Galaxy eSolutions (GES) is a global eCommerce market for refurbished and pre-owned smartphones and other consumer electronics.
    GES operates as an open source ecosystem, incorporating the hybrid P2P blocking to the telephone trading site, “MobileFreak”, which is being developed for this special integration. It will work as C2B and B2B, where individual consumers and businesses can trade with other businesses.
    Galaxy eSolutions aims to create a “green” global marketplace for refurbished smartphones, pre-owned and other customer electronics. The corporation fixes and cleans client electronics pre-owned, then sells the electronics at discounted rates online.
Galaxy eSolutions Limited is a global eCommerce ecosystem with fast growth and tangible appeal, achieving sales of 20 million USD in its first year of operation. His vision is to integrate the block and evolve into a hybrid ecosystem with a market platform, so as to solve some pain points in the preowned and refurbished multi-billion electronics industry.
How is GES different? 
     We combine the Blockchain platform into one of our MobileFreak markets, where consumers and businesses can trade – on their phones with other businesses. This will be a model and a direct P2P type ecosystem. Blockchain technology will also help to easily and quickly record details of goods, transactions, and logistics on both sides. This can overcome the issues of trust and credibility between the two parties, such as supplier quality, product ratings and quality standards, Mobile serial number to ensure genuine and non-counterfeit goods or stolen goods, and payment of goods and services.
Where and How to buy tokens?
You can buy GES tokens from GES ICO.
Then enter transaction token details, such as the amount you want to buy and you will be prompted for your public address, from where the transaction will take place.
See below for a step-by-step “How to buy GES tokens.”
The token transactions and the GES ether will take place on the blockchain platform where they will be safe.
do I buy GES tokens with other tokens?
No, you can not directly buy a GES token with another token. You need to use Cryptocurrency Etter to buy GES tokens, and to buy cryptocurrency ether, you can buy ether tokens on the stock such as Coinbase, Kraken, or Gemini.
Important Note: Please do not send Ether from an exchange account because you will not receive GES back to your account. Please transfer funds from the stock to your personal wallet such as MyEtherWallet and then you can buy GES tokens.
Allocation of Token
-Buy back tokens using our 20% annual profit for the next 15 years
-The tokens tokens can be redeemed on our retail website for refurbished consumer electronics
-Maximum token supply 300 million.
Budget allocation
-These funds allow the gese to quickly duplicate its current strategy and efforts in existing and new market countries, and have inventory to meet the high demand.
Will I receive my token once the transaction is successful?
 Yes, as soon as your transaction is taken from the pool by the miners, declared legitimate and inserted into the block and then added to the block; it will mean that it works and you will receive it into your wallet. The process can take a while, so please wait patiently.
More about Landray:

Landay is a knowledge management and management solutions company, established in 2001 and listed in 2015. On top of all its clients shown on the attached image, It has a successful case study on developing the O2O + B2B2C platform for a printer cartridge recycling business. They have clients including Alibaba & Huawei.
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