Galaxy eSolutions — Innovation And New Design In The World Of Technology Development

Hallo all .. in the opportunity this time I want to explain about Galaxy eSolutions project following explanation:

The best step in innovation and new design in the world of technology development, in order to create new innovations to create technological development that is useful and has the best value for the benefit of various communities in a purpose to meet various needs. required by various communities, to continue to grow and advance in understanding the development of technology, and in growing business will give a good boost to quality improvement in growing effort, and on the development of global e-commerce technology will provide better acceleration rate, capability level on various product products will be more qualified with the best security system by always giving priority to the quality of service, here we will give a little review about the development of new breakthroughs in global ecomerce that exist in order to create comfort starting from product, quality, quantity and security become more mumpuni that Galaxy eSolutions, an innovation in order to improve the quality of electronic products such as smartphones so that it may have an ever-increasing level of sales, in markets with a wide range of interactions and reaching the global marketplace. Here we will give a little review about the new development.

The breakthrough of global e-commerce is to create comforts ranging from product, quality, quantity and security to the quality of Galaxy eSolutions, an innovation in an effort to improve the quality of electronic products such as smartphones are increasingly large. level of sales, in the market by providing wider interaction and reaching the global market. Here we will provide a little review of the development of a new breakthrough on global e-commerce aimed at creating comforts ranging from quality, quantity and security to the quality of Galaxy eSolutions, an innovation in improving the quality of electronic products such as s martphones to have more sales which is getting bigger, in the market by providing wider interaction and reaching the global market.

In the market by providing wider interaction and reaching global markets. In the market by providing wider interaction and reaching the global market.
Galaxy eSolutions, is a special design and new innovation on technology development that has been conceptualized and implemented in a platform to create new strategies in solutions for ecommerce improvements to improve the quality of quality and competitive electronics in the market. with a good strategy, and will provide greater and greater profits, as well as delivering business and business growth will continue to grow over time and benefit in the present and the future by creating solutions that will provide the best opportunities. opportunities in ecommerce growth.

Activity Details Crowdsale Galaxy eSolutions:
Crowdsale’s activities will be held on February 28, 2018
Crowdsale activity will end on March 31, 2018
The Per Level is 10,000 GES / ET
Minimum for Purchase is 0.1 ETH
Hardcap is 20,000 ETH
Buy using ETh

1. For ICO Activities is 85.5%
2. For Presold Activities is 3.5%
3. For the Development of Galaxy eSolutions 9.5%
4. For Bounty Activities 1.5%

The GES Token is a form of token utility created for Initial Coins GES Offer (ICO), which is also called Crowdsale, and to purchase it required Ether. Ether is crypto from Ethereal network. Token can then be used as a replacement for Ether or to purchase products from our current NDBD e-commerce site and our new GES site in the future.

Use of Funds

Inventory | 35%
Working Capital | 15%
System Development and Blockchain | 20%
Center for Overseas Fulfillment | 10%
System and Website Development | 5%
Development of O2O | 5%
Social Marketing and Branding | 5%
Application Development | 2%
Development Company | 1.5%
Talent Acquisitions | 1.5%

ROADMAP Galaxy eSolutions:

  1. In 2016 December launched NDBQ site
    2. In January 2017 the initial order of 50 orders every day
    3. In March 2017 launched android site, 100 pesenan every day
    4. in May 2017 more than 1.5 $ Milion USD, from 20 countries
    5. In September 2017 Creating and developing event and management control points
    6. In October 2017, Get 2 $ Milion USD per month
    7. In November 2017, launching ico Presale
    8. In December 2017, Planing on GES placement and launching ico office
    9. In January 2018 Starting sales of Samsung smartphones
    10. In March 2018 Mobile Freak stage 1 launching
    11. In June 2018, Build a Marketplace
    12. In September of September 2018, Mobile Freak stage 2 Launching
    13. In October 2018 Marketplace is ready to launch

Details All Team Galaxy eSolutions:

1. Yuen Wong, Co Founder, Ceo
2. Joe Chan, Chief Tecnology Officer
3. Erik Hofmann, Chief Marketing Officer
4. Chris Wong, Chief Operating Officer

Blockhain Development:

1. Ben Xiong, CEO & CTO
2. Wayne Shao, COO
3. Rick Wang, CMO

Professional Solutions Team:

  1. Brian Colwell, ICO advisor, Crypto Advisor
    2. Simon Choi, Fintech, Blockhain and ICO Global Lawyers
    3. Pranay Burnwai, Regional Head of Blockhain Education Network & Senior Application Developer
    4. Brennan Brennett, Blockhain Tecnology Consultant


1. Neil Thomas, Ceo & Founder in Muzaara
2. Dr. John Wong, Executive Vice Chairman of the Global Network Executive
3. Stanley Lee, President of Hong Kong’s Ecomerce Association
4. Abdulaziz Aljouf, Founder at Paytabs
5. Jordan Miller, Founder at Paradigm Agency
6. Ken Wong, GM at Continental Global Service ltd & Executive Officer of HK Ecomerce Association

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