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With Blockchain, the options of extracting benefit is endless. The marketplace is evolving every single day and the ecommerce world is looking forward to serve and fulfil the needs of the consumers. Having said that, it is not necessary for comapies to do what they are doing. People like you and me can also buckle up to grow the ecommerce community and can indulge ourselves in electronics and computers. This, surely is for our own good and not only that, it lets the brain and creativity out in the open and allows it to function. To ensure that nothing goes wrong in the Electronic world, here is Galaxy eSolutions.


Galaxy eSolutions is an e-commerce cross-world business that is buckled up to be the leader of the electronics zone. The success of the platform can be traced by the brilliant sales figure that they have managed to attain in just 9 months.

The main aim that it looks forward to accomplishing is to integrate the blockchain world completely and turn it into a ” hybrid” ecosystem that provides a marketplace too. This will make sharing and circular economy easy and convenient.

The Present Problems

The Pain Points – Refurbished Gadgets

  • In most of the trading websites that are present nowadays, the biggest demerit is that they just put the phone model on the display. It becomes difficult to analyze the versions of the phone models. The version information is one of the most important things that a customer needs because it is important for one to know “what is that they are actually buying”
  • Definitely, a good phone is more like an allurement. This is the reason there are infinite spammers in the phone industry who look ahead to cause trouble in one way or the other. The most common scams are: not delivering goods on time after the goods have already been paid for, mixing the goods, and so on.
  • The payments that are made internationally are very expensive and sometimes, this results in big losses.
  • After a deal is sealed, the next step is a transfer of goods and it is very important. Today, such cases have become very common in which the goods are not dropped off at the right destination on time.

Details of Smart Contracts Transfer ETH to the following address to receive GES
(Smart Contract Address to be announced.) 1ETH = 10,000 GES Token (30% maximum for pre-sales)

Only ETH is accepted
Minimum contribution = 0.5
ETH Gas Limit = 150,000
The contract will distribute the GES tokens immediately upon receipt of the ETH
By participating in ICO, you agree to our crowdsale terms
How can I see my token?
Each ERC-20 token can be added to your local MyEtherWallet interface by following these instructions.
In a new tab, open Myetherwallet and navigate to the “Send Ether & Tokens” page in MyEtherWallet.
Open your wallet
Click “Add Custom Token” on the right side.
Enter token address: 0xCd5eb0fc6564A01c682cf83a02668CF5C8851802. Identifier as “GES” and decimal as 18.
Click “Save”.
An alternative way to open Ether Wallet in Metamask

What is a token sale?

Token sales are another term for ICO, so digital crypto assets made for sale are called “tokens”.

How does this ICO work?

The GES token system is built on the Ethereum network using blockchain technology, so each transaction is encrypted and secure. It operates as an open source ledger, whereby anyone interested can participate and trade.

You need to exchange your fiat currency like USD, RMB or Euro to Ether. With Ether you can buy GES tokens. For 1 Ether we offer 100 GES marks.

What is the Ethereal Network?

The Ethereum Network is based on Blockchain technology that can be used to create smart contracts or value exchanges using Ether tokens. This is a separate cryptto from Bitcoin. For more details see .

The Token Sale

The tokens that will be used in the token sale is GES. The tokens that will be used in the token sale will help in getting access to services and products.

galaxy 2.PNG
The maximum token supply in the token sale will be 300 Million.
The conversion rate, 1 ETH = 10,000 GES Tokens. The Hardcap = 20,000 ETH.

The ICO Starts from 28th February and will continue till 1st March 2018.

The Final Verdict

With the ups and down that lies ahead of us, there is surely on a ray of hope that comes to brighten up the scopes and helps in reaching levels that ultimately bring down the maximum benefit. The same goes with Galaxy eSolutions as their aim is to look out for the competition that is presently running in the marketplace. All that it aims to do is bring the most effective and easy solutions that benefit one and all.

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