GAME FLUX one of the largest and most promising markets on the planet 


FLUX  is a unique global game platform that brings together all parts of the gaming industry ecosystem where players, developers, merchants, and gaming communities can change their time and needs using a  FLUX designer  . It is also a platform for competitive games, gaming market, online broadcasting (streaming) and platform for in-game game items  


~ Game

The gaming industry is one of the largest and most promising markets on the planet. The biggest misconception is just participation in the game section, but for this there is something more.
The gaming industry is actually the fastest and fastest growing industry in the world. Based on this latest study, there are now around 2.3 billion active players, with average annual revenue of 108.9 billion dollars. United States of America.

~ Trading

Global trade in the gaming industry has reached 7 billion. The United States for 2017, and this year hundreds of billions of transactions are processed.

~ Streaming

The streaming industry is one of the least appreciated here, especially if you consider combinations with games. However, StreamLabs report on revitalization says otherwise.
Twitch has become a very appealing concept for talented video bloggers, which has grown dramatically in 2017 (3 million active subscribers). YouTube makes life better. Every month, the active band grew by 330% for YouTube Live and 19% for rounds in 5 months. Both platforms provide excellent opportunities for the game room


The flux ecosystem   brings together all the industrial components. Now everyone can get the decent rewards they get on fluoxic  tokens   , which can be easily exchanged in the open market.  
This ecosystem is built around the game process. While players compete and get the usage of Game1 trading platform and related to those elements coinciding with Game1 in the   flux   of trading platforms, or purchasing merchandise in store   streams  , GameEdminers are pumped Game1 in    Developer market share flux  and level covers operating costs. Thus some platforms offered   flux   as follows:

1.Platnye match

Flux   allows every player to compete in the game from the list of existing games and earn money from opponents after winning.

2. Market Developers

The   flux   market is a marketplace for developers focused on competitive game monetization. Flux  takes a 0% commission to download or purchase games made through the mobile app for such games

3. Trading platform and save

In   the  Flux ecosystem  will have a trading platform where each participant can trade goods available at the  flux store .


symbol of Token:   FLUX
Background sign:  Flux is   built as a marker on the ERC20 blockchain Ethereal. 
General token sales will be held on April 17th. 
token selling  : SUCCESS exchange rate Token: 1 FLUX TOKEN = 0.5 $ 
Status: Closed Beta, 
kriptovatsiya, payment system for token sale: Ethereal (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) USDT, DASH, etc, LTC, ZEC, VISA , MASTERCARD, USD, EUR, SHAPESHIFT, BNB, KCS

Summer 2016

  • Collect and assemble teams

November 2016

  • Demo is complete

May 2017

  • Version of production architecture designed

July 2017

  • MVP development is complete

August 2017

  • Mobile client deployment begins

September 2017

  • The testing period for MVP is complete

20 November 2017

  • MVP released rewards from the campaign

December 01, 2017

  • Pre-sale

December 10, 2017

  • For ICO

April 2018

  • Uninstall the PC version

May 2018

  • Token   FLUX is   registered

Q3 2018

  • Removal of mobile clients, commerce, and developers

Q2 2019

  • Run the reverse and reverse processing platform


– Extension and scale of the FLUX ecosystem  
To learn more about   FLUX  , please click on the following link:
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