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A 7 million dollar social-gaming stage based on the blockchain, with diversions curated and planned by the network. Furthermore, supported by gaming advancement accomplices whose manifestations collected more than 100 million downloads

In the beginning of gaming, nobody could have anticipated the computer game industry’s multi-billion dollar direction. Trailblazers developed pixelated sidescrollers into advanced odysseys through immersive terrains. Configuration apparatuses and advancement assets streamlined amusement development, and more recreations exist today than any other time in recent memory.

Shockingly, this wake of advancement catalyzed a few issues inside the business. Particularly in versatile gaming, brought together stages like the App and Google Play store corner the lionshare of the market’s gathering of people. Aside from anomaly exemptions, versatile diversions outside these trades battle to accumulate a client base.

Inside these overpopulated stages, Indie designers do not have the financial backing to contend with the corporate giant. Configuration expenses and advertising efforts important to dispatch a fruitful amusement frequently block engineers from conveying their dreams; thoughts come up short in spite of their legitimacy

While gamers may not battle to discover amusements to play, their part in the market goes unrewarded. Organizations depend on players for beta-testing, client procurement, and diversion curation. Be that as it may, they once in a while share remunerates past in-application overhauls or early access to foreseen content. What’s more, however clients are the conspicuous gathering of people for recreations their wants once in a while feel felt in the blueprinting phase of improvement; organizations configuration amusement ideas without ground floor criticism from their future player-base. This prompts undesirable manifestations and disappointing highlights.

Decentralized Publishing

The platform transforms game publication with an integrated crowdfunding portal. Indie designers submit their game ideas to a catalog within this screen. Their proposal page might include screenshots, demos, or gameplay footage. Users offer Loot tokens to sponsor promising projects. In exchange for their cryptocoins, backers receive a revenue generating percentage of the upcoming title. A decentralized collective thereby produces games through democratic demand.

Generate Recurring Income

When crowdfunded creations are finished they generate revenue for the developers and the backers. Independent artists reduce expenses, and players earn income from games they helped shape. Imagine owning a percentage of the industry’s next global hit.

Game Loot Network’s Utility-Token: LOOT

Cryptocurrencies are digital coins which can be exchanged for fiat, or any currency issued by respective governments. Cryptocoins allow entities, like GLN, to pay a global audience instantaneously without combatting the fees and time involved in currency exchange.

In order to reward user engagement, Game Loot Network™ created their own utility-token, ‘LOOT’. The currency allows specific interactions on the Network to trigger cryptocoin allotments. The blockchain’s network tracks these engagements and rewards LOOT to users who complete meritorious actions such as winning a gaming tournament or inviting a friend.

Details of the ICO
Name of the token – LOOT
The cost of the token is 0.35 $ USD
Soft CAP – 50,000,000.00 $ USD
Hard CAP – 75,000,000.00 $ USD
Total volume of issued tokens – 600,000,000 LOOT
Public sale starts on May 29, 2018 and will last 230 days.
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