GAME LOOT NETWORK – Will Interfere with Online Game Industry.

The main work of this project is to give designers a game idea on the catalog presented on the platform. The proposal page may contain screenshots of games, demonstrations, or frames. Then, the user will provide a Loot bookmark to sponsor interesting and interesting projects. On behalf of the crypto coin, supporters receive a portion of their income from the next title. Therefore, distributed teams make games with democratic demands. The work scheme is very easy. And when the final project is complete, both developers and supporters will benefit. Therefore, independent artists reduce costs and players earn income from games that help them.

Users have the opportunity to play games, organize game tournaments, and make money.

  • Register with the Game Loot Network.
  • Registration fee is $ 125.
  • You can get “work tools” and
  • Ambasador (GLN) degree as a calling partner).

Three people were invited. A $ 250 fee will be given if your referral link is registered with 3 people.
Passive income from the Game Loot Network. When you complete the first two points, you get $ 5 per day of passive income.
Simply put, this platform provides opportunities to make money with games for mobile devices and tablet devices. Everyone knows the Google Play store and the App Store. One of the most successful products among them is games. Estimating the volume of this industry to billions of dollars a year, only grows. Game Loot Network enters this industry and decides to make money for itself and its partners.
GameLoot network revenue is said to be one of the best marketing plans – it is the marketing plan of the root game network. Its main feature – Passive income is not all project participants, only those who meet certain requirements.
In my opinion, this project is very promising. First of all, it’s because of passive income and competent limitations. Meanwhile, the root game network is a promising platform that clearly leads the game industry to a new level. Basic income is planned from the contribution of new participants ($ 125). And the project will close sooner or later. With such marketing, he can work for 2 to 3 years.
Please don’t forget to consciously assess your strength plus. Investing $ 125 is not a problem.


Game Loot Network ™ will champion developers and gamers by creating a virtual platform that rewards players with real value and facilitates ‘whatever the budget’ game design.


Through this portal developer and users access the crowdfunding catalog. Indie designers submit their game ideas to the list on this screen. Their proposal pages may include screenshots, demos, or recording gameplay. Users offer LOOT tokens to sponsor profitable projects. Instead of their cryptocoin, supporters receive income from the percentage of upcoming games. Developers reduce costs and get an incentive base floor. A decentralized collective thus produces a game through democratic demand. If an idea of ​​the benefits of the engagement will be realized; advertising material will develop without being burdened by budget constraints.

game concept

Together with the original LOOT cryptocurrency, this platform solves systemic problems in the gaming industry. The user enters the application, makes a login, and loads the Game Loot Network ™ lobby. This hub has three gates:


We want to give artists the resources to make the games they imagine and reward players who fill their virtual world. Game Loot Network ™ will democratize the gaming experience, allowing developers to create and prosper regardless of the gatekeeper or budget constraints. We want to give voice gamers in the early stages of design so that the games made are what people want to play. Video-games offer rich narratives and interactive experiences that are unmatched by other mediums. Space gives birth to creativity and innovation, but budget constraints, arrogant publishers, and marketing resources override advertising material. We want to transform industry into a meritocracy where visionaries develop even if they are, at first, less budgetary.


This door will host decentralized application stores and embedded games. Users can play on the platform or download curated titles. In defending the circle, the ideas generated in the Build Portal generate income for gamers and designers at the Play gates.


Gate Earn offers a series of revenue generating tools. Through this door, players can enter the three-door subset:

Competitive Tournament

Tourney champions receive electronic lean or pool LOOT tokens prizes. Now every user can feel the sensation of E-Sports high bets.

Referral System

The system progression area allows members to create high-yield commission residues to share platforms.

Battle Offer

Pit players online auctions fight the competition time for discount equipment.

LOOT Store

Purchasing membership premiums, credits, bids and Game Loot Network ™ estimates that this template accommodates unlimited expansion. As gaming technology creates a new format, like VR, additional doors will be added. The gate for VR interaction has been planned. New features, based on community input, will always be in the works.


digital coins that can be exchanged with fiat, or any currency issued by their respective governments. Cryptocoin allows entities, such as GLN, to pay global audiences instantly without fighting the costs and time involved in currency exchange. To appreciate user involvement, Game Loot Network ™ creates its own token, ‘DISCOVER’. Currency allows specific interactions on the Network to trigger cryptocoin designation. The blockchain network tracks this engagement and rewards LOOT users who complete merit actions such as winning a game tournament or inviting a friend.

Loot Token acts as
gateway to all prize resources on the platform.
With Loot,
users can enter head-to-head tournaments,
to generate crowdfunding recurring revenue games,
buy improved games, online auction offers,
additional income income, and
maybe downloading games specifically designed for platforms. Loot will evolve,
maintained with utility in a wide application.

Industrial branch for problems

Projections for the 2016-2020 global game market
With more than $ 100 billion in sales in 2017, mobile games are one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

PC download box / PC

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Token sales structure

Token sales will use soft and hard hats,
with an anti-dilution mechanism available to those who contribute under a soft cap.
This means that the initial sales target (STC or Soft Receipt Cap) will be set
for private and public sales.
However, if the STC is reached, GameLoot Network ™
will increase chip sales to reach the maximum Hard Deal Cap (MST).
Buyers who contribute under the TCC
will receive a prorate LOOT premium for their contribution rate under CTS (Anti-Dilution Premium).
This is done to provide assurance to LOOT original buyers regarding the proportion of their contribution. The TCC fee is $ 50,000.00 and the TPC fee is $ 75,000,030.00.

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Name of LOOT token
Holding company GLN Holdings, INC. (WY, USA)
LFAA Loot Cove Entity Co., LLC. (WY, USA)
General sales agent Chip Loot Cove Co LTD (Mauritius)
booty Price $ 0.35 USD [or equivalent in ether]
Sales of Target CAP (STC) US $ 50,000,000.00
maximum sales target (MST) of US $ 75 million
total supply of Loot 600 million looted
supply CAP Model fixed costs, non-inflation
The duration of the auction is opened May 29, 2018
auction duration is 230 days.

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