Game Loot Network – GLN – Decentralized fusion that will revolutionize video-industry

Game Loot Network.

The Loot network game (GLN) is a cryptocurrency project that manages the Ethereum block chain as a functional engine. In the mobile gaming industry, Google Play and App Store are at the top. Its objective is to democratize the gaming industry and provide power to consumers.

Token LOOT

It is a gas that supports the entire engine. LOOT can be used in several ways, including entrance fees for tournaments, buying games, financing developers, as well as improving games and bonuses. GLN TAGLLE covers three main points: Build, Play, Earn.dan I will explain a little later.


The first time I press often, until I remember. Diajapan fear sepermainan saya.aqwdari Pocket games, games that ditwalayan, nitendo games and the last tell me PC atupun gadget. People in Beberape can claim that this is a waste of time, but for me and millions of people around the world, there is no better use of their free time.


As mentioned earlier, users of the GLN platform have the opportunity to help fund independent games they believe in. They will provide developers with LOOT markers and, in their place, they will receive a portion of the future revenue of the game. In this system, many support games will receive the funds necessary for success.

To play

This point is quite clear. There will be a decentralized application store where users can download games and play on the platform. The games developed under “Build” also end here. As mentioned above, there will be a competitive tournament with a large group of prizes.

Token LOOT

It can be obtained in several ways. Basic commodity token Currently, GLN sells personal SAFT sales for various bonds depending on the date of purchase. GLN’s public sales are scheduled to begin on May 29, 2018. Soft coverage is $ 50 million, and the hard stamp is $ 75 million.

The Bounty program. GLN organizes generous reward programs for BitcoinTalk. Users can generate LOOT to spread the word about GLN. Bonus of up to $ 1.5 million!

Award in the field of social networks. The GLN team distributed LOOT to loyal fans through airdrops, GLN questionnaires and contests, like most creative game ideas.

This will be the easiest way to get LOOT.

Follow social networks to keep up with the latest developments.

After several revisions of the plan, the activity of retail customers is now mandatory, but unregistered securities are now a concern.

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