Game Loot Network ICO Review: Empowering the Gaming Industry

Have you ever thought of a platform that pays you for playing games? Have you ever wanted to conduct fundraising campaigns in order to produce a new game? I think I know the answer. Today, I’m going to show you a new blockchain project that allows you to earn, play and develop games. This project is called Game Loot Network. Yes, you can now able to develop games and start fundraising campaigns on your own. Game loot network ICO is an online distribution platform that works like an app store; with features enabled by blockchain technology. The platform uses the LOOT tokens to revolutionalized all gaming needs.

What’s inside the Game Loot Network Platform?

The platform allows game developers to publish their game ideas including the design and budget. From there,  game developers can now perform crowdfunding. Users like you can support the selected game titles by sending LOOT tokens. Not only that, backers or supporters of the project will be rewarded with recurring income once the game has been published.

Game Loot Platform Network ICO also boasts user-curated games and competitive tournaments. It allows its users to experience games that are tailored for professional gamers. Aside from that, the game loot network pays you for sharing the platform with others.  Each invite will not be wasted because you can earn your residual income thru the extensive referral system.

What is the use of Loot tokens?

Loot tokens are used as a utility token for the Game Loot Network Platform.  With the use of these tokens, users can enter online tournaments, sponsor indie games, purchase upgrades, bid on online auctions and earn money. You can also purchase games on Arcade town’s decentralized game stores. Loot tokens will be the based currency for the Game loot platform.

Game Loot Network ICO Details

Here are the important details to follow when planning to invest in this ICO. First and foremost, there will be a total of 600,000,000 GLN tokens to be created. Currently, GLN is conducting the private sale they allocated 240,000,000 tokens during this period. It will end on July 31, 2018, CST. Aside from that users or investors who are investing in this project needs to pass the KYC/AML. During the private sale, each token will be 0.12 USD. On the other hand, the public sale for the project already began. Each token will be sold at an initial price of 0.35 USD. If I were you, participate in the private sale because the token price is a little cheaper. Not only that, you will also receive more bonus.

Note: Any tokens not sold in the private and public sale will be divided equally among each of the 300 days for the daily blind auction.

Do you recommend investing in this project?

I believe that this project would produce high-quality results. Gaming Industry has recorded a sale of over 100 Billion USD in 2017 and this means that this industry can give you lucrative returns. Aside from that, the project have proven track record and has existing working product. The creativity and state of the art ecosystem of GLN network will surely bring this project to the next level! Don’t miss this opportunity to invest!

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