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What is Game Loot Network

Game Loot Network (GLN) is an up and coming cryptocurrency project operating the Ethereum blockchain. In the mobile gaming industry, Google Play and the App Store are essentially gatekeepers on what gets attention. Their goal is democratize the gaming industry and give the power of choice back the consumers. LOOT tokens are the gas that makes the whole machine run. LOOT can be used in a number of different ways including tournament entrance fees, game purchases, developer funding, and in game boosts and bonuses. GLN’s tagline includes three main points: Build, Play, Earn. Game Loot Network will democratize the gaming experience, enabling developers to create and prosper regardless of gatekeepers or budget constraints. We want to give gamers a voice at the earliest stages of design so the games built are the ones people want to play.

Video-games offer rich narratives and interactive experiences unrivaled by any other medium. The space breeds creativity and innovation, but budgetary limitations, overbearing publishers, and marketing resources pigeonhole creatives. We want to transform the industry into a meritocracy where visionaries thrive even if they, at first, lack extensive budgets.

Overview of the EXISTING Game Loot Network

On the current platform, Users discover applications built for GLN through the LOOT Hub Android or iOS App. Users play games for Tickets, redeemable as rewards in the LOOT Cove Portal.

Owerview of the NEW Game Loot network

Together with the native LOOT cryptocurrency, the platform solves the systemic issues within the gaming industry. Unlike its predecessor, the new platform exists as a standalone application. Users enter the app, create a login, and load the Game Loot Network lobby. The hub features three gateways:

Game Loot Network has an online stage with client curated games and gaming assets. With blockchain innovation at its center, it will upset the web based gaming industry.

Game Loot Network works like an application store, with curated games and highlights empowered by blockchain innovation. The cryptocurrency, LOOT, enables the stage to be a progressive one stop search for all of gaming – from play, buy, to outline.

With us you can do whatever you need since we are a $ 7 million stimulation stage worked in blockchain. Upheld deliberately, we have collected advancement accomplices whose games have in excess of 100 million aggregate downloads.


Assets and assets for game engineers

Decentralized Publishing

The stage changes game distribution with a coordinated crowdfunding entry. Outside the box creators present their game plans to a list inside this screen. Their proposition page may incorporate screen captures, demos, or gameplay film. Clients offer Loot tokens to support promising activities. In return for their cryptocoins, sponsor get an income creating level of the forthcoming title. A decentralized aggregate in this manner produces games through equitable request.

Create Recurring Income

At the point when crowdfunded manifestations are done they produce income for the designers and the supporters. Free specialists lessen costs, and players gain salary from games they helped shape. Envision owning a level of the business’ next worldwide hit.


Client curated games and decentralized distributing

Savvy Contract Rewards

The open record tracks clients’ commitment with the stage. From configuration to gameplay, no computerized triumph goes unrewarded.

Gaming Tournaments

Forehead sweating rivalry normally held for experts ends up open to all. Competition champions get Loot prize pools or popular gadgets.


Repeating income for planners and players

A Crypto Ecosystem

The Loot token goes about as a door to each reward asset on the stage. With Loot, clients can enter no holds barred competitions, create repeating income through crowdfunded games, buy in-game lifts, offer on online closeouts, gain additional wage, and in the long run download games assembled only for the stage. Loot will flourish, fed by broad in-application utility.

How can you get LOOT?
LOOT tokens have a price of $0.35 USD with a total supply of 600,000,000. LOOT tokens can be acquired in a number of different ways.

  1. Token Sale. Currently, GLN is holding a SAFT private sale which includes varying bonuses based on the date of purchase. The GLN public sale is scheduled to begin May 29, 2018. The soft cap is $50 million and the hard cap is $75 million.
  2. Bounty Program. GLN is hosting a generous bounty program on BitcoinTalk. The thread is linked here. Users can earn LOOT for spreading the word about GLN. Bounty bonus is up to $1.5 million!
  3. Social Media Giveaways. The GLN team has been distributing LOOT to loyal followers through airdrops, quizzes about GLN, and contests, such as the most creative game idea. This will be the easiest way to earn LOOT. Follow of social media to stay up to date.

Token Details

TOKEN PRICE $0.35 each.
It’s better on the ground floor. Early purchasers receive Loot bonuses:

Private Sale

Phase 1

200% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 2 Free
Phase 2

100% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 1 Free
Phase 3

33% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 0.33 Free
Public Sale

Phase 1

25% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 0.25 Free
Phase 2

17% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 0.17 Free
Phase 3

11% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 0.11 Free
Phase 4

5% Bonus
Buy 1, Get 0.05 Free
Phase 5

No Bonus
Daily Blind Auction Sale

Daily Blind Auction
Loot’s not a buy-and-hope token. It’s the functional cryptocurrency of a grand vision. Game Loot Network represents more than a roadmap. Boasting a user-proven product, it surpasses words on paper. Extensive beta testing yielded more than 5 million dollars in revenue over just 7 months.

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