Game Loot Network platform transforms gaming utilizing the integrated crowdfunding portal. Its substance lies in the way that designers display their game thoughts in an index on the platform screen. Their proposition page can incorporate screen captures, showings or casings from the game. At that point, users offer Loot markers to sponsor promising activities that stimulated their advantage. In return for their cryptocoins, supporters get a level of wage from the upcoming title. Hence, the decentralized group produces games on vote based request. Very basic plan of work.

Officially after the last forex ventures are finished, they acquire income, both to engineers and supporters. Along these lines, free craftsmen cut expenses, and players get pay from games that helped them.

A considerable measure of organizations configuration game ideas without ground floor input from their future player-base which prompts undesirable manifestations and baffling highlights.

Organizations depend on players for beta-testing, client securing, and game curation at the same time, they once in a while share remunerates past in-application upgrades or early access to foreseen content.

Consequently we are here to give specialists the assets to make games that they envision and reward the players who fill their virtual world

65K – Users

$7M – Spent in Development

$5M – Revenue Earned

Game Loot Network has an online platform with user curated games and gaming assets. With blockchain innovation at its center, it will disrupt the web based gaming industry.

Game Loot Network works like an application store, with curated games and highlights empowered by blockchain innovation. The digital money, LOOT, enables the platform to be a progressive one stop search for all of gaming – from play, buy, to plan.

With us you can do whatever you need since we are a $ 7 million diversion platform worked in blockchain. Supported deliberately, we have collected improvement accomplices whose games have in excess of 100 million aggregate downloads.

Fabricate Funds and assets for game engineers

Decentralized Publishing

The platform transforms game production with an integrated crowdfunding portal. Outside the box designers present their game plans to an inventory inside this screen. Their proposition page may incorporate screen captures, demos, or gameplay film. Users offer Loot tokens to sponsor promising activities. In return for their cryptocoins, benefactors get an income creating level of the upcoming title. A decentralized aggregate along these lines produces games through fair request.

Create Recurring Income

At the point when crowdfunded manifestations are done they create income for the engineers and the supporters. Autonomous specialists lessen costs, and players earn wage from games they helped shape. Envision owning a level of the business’ next worldwide hit.

Play User curated games and decentralized distributing

Keen Contract Rewards

The open record tracks users’ commitment with the platform. From configuration to gameplay, no computerized triumph goes unrewarded.

Gaming Tournaments

Forehead sweating rivalry regularly saved for experts winds up available to all. Competition champions get Loot prize pools or sought after gadgets.

Earn Recurring income for designers and players

A Crypto Ecosystem

The Loot token goes about as a portal to each reward asset on the platform. With Loot, users can enter no holds barred competitions, create repeating income through crowdfunded games, buy in-game lifts, offer on online closeouts, earn additional wage, and in the long run download games assembled only for the platform. Loot will flourish, supported by broad in-application utility.

Token Loot goes about as the money for compensate on the platform. With the assistance of Loot, platform users will have the chance to enter the competitions with a head slant, produce repeating salary through games with center, purchase game motivating forces, offer on online sell-offs, get extra income and in the long run download games made exclusively for the platform. Loot will flourish, eat a broad utility for applications.

Restrictively advertising can be separated into 3 focuses:

  1. Enlistment in the Game Loot Network. The enrollment charge is 125 dollars. For this you get a few “instruments for work” and the title of Ambasador (as GLN calls accomplices).
  2. Welcome of 3 individuals to the organization. Once your referral interface is enrolled with 3 individuals, you will get $ 250 commission.
  3. Easy revenue from the Game Loot Network. Subsequent to finishing the initial two focuses, you get an automated revenue of $5 every day.

In the “Earn” segment, you can discover numerous wellsprings of pay.

Here you are simply playing your most loved game you can earn genuine cash. For instance: game competitions are granted with Loot token prizes. Normal players fight web based positioning frameworks at last with empty accomplishments. High excites are saved for proficient players in out of reach E-Sport sections. With the assistance of Game Loot Network users encounter genuine joy, which must be experienced from their most loved games.

Token Details

Name of the token – LOOT

The cost of the token is 0.35 USD

Soft CAP – 50,000,000.00 USD

Hard CAP – 75,000,000.00 USD

Total volume of issued tokens – 600,000,000 LOOT

Public sale starts on May 29, 2018 and will last 230 days.

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