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In a world where you have the liberty of ordering and having your goods or purchased item delivered at your doorstep, is undoubtedly the most easy and convenient way to shop than having to go through the stress of visiting the market and after purchasing still has to pay to carry the items home. Though delivery systems can’t be said to be completely free but after every analysis, it is still cheaper and convenient than having to visit the market or shops yourself. Another fascinating point of the new online seamless form of shopping,, is that one has the opportunity of making comparisons between required goods so as to make a better choice and also the prices of the required commodity with the new advanced technology and revolutionising of the internet, shopping and having your goods delivered right at your home is just some punch away. Too good to be true right? Certainly. Since the invention of the internet, ideas are still springing up daily which are all targeted at enhancing and making individual’s lives better and also improving their standard of living. One of such innovative ideas or invention is the delivery system that has been included on the baggage for shoppers and more interesting is the fact that you can order goods or your desired products from any part of the world and the goods will be shipped and delivered to your very own doorpost.
The advantages of the system of product delivery cannot be overemphasized, even yet there are still challenges encountered on the delivery platform that has to a great extent reduced the number of its service users. Those who use the platform formerly now have a change of mind as regards using the platform because of the not so interesting services that are been rendered by these delivery systems services. Nothing frustrates one like having an urgent need for goods and the delivery is delayed, it could lead to loss of money or appointment. This in itself has been a major challenge to both the delivery systems owners and their end users because I believe that no service provider will be willing to loose its clients. In a bid to solve this challenges and bring lasting solutions to the problems encountered on these platforms, the Geeba ecosystem was initiated to link up carrier owners and end users to a shipping network that is backed by autonomous vehicles that are able to offer a round the clock delivery on the same day and expressly too on one API integration or an interface or web that is basically for shipping and delivery.

There are no limits to the advantages that the GEEBA platform provides for its users, as a user of the Geeba platform there are lots of entitlements that comes with it, some of them are listed below :

  • Geeba provides an online store on the platform that will seamlessly issue out permission to retailers with ease,also it will assist users in establishing their own online businesses which will integrate services at Geeba
  • since meeting users requirements is the core function of the platform, it uses a process that is decentralized in nature to deliver customers goods by using a leveraged blockchain, hubs that are very Smart and vehicles which are autonomous. The ecosystem blockchain has a structure that can be managed by fixing focus on the progress of economic,technological and autonomous aspects.
  • the platform will give them more capacity to cope with the demand of delivery and also to meet up the requirements of their customers as well
  • service integrated with an enhancement of highly skillful and experienced consumers
  • the chain of supply is innovative and different from what the traditional and conventional means has to offer
  • providing a highly enjoyable delivery system,and devices which are absolutely flexible and an improved user experience that is worthwhile.
  • the shippers will have the opportunity to access highly scalable fleets that facilitates technology and economy,the access to request compatibility by the vehicles which are completely autonomous
  • a seamless process of goods delivery from manufacturers to end users.
    The Geeba token is an ERC20 based token,that will be used for delivery services,a community incentiviation,Geeba coins will also be traded in different exchanges when listed for profit augmentation.
  • Geeba tokens distributed during ICO. 70%
  • bonuses and affiliates. 13%
  • team. 10%
  • advisors 5%
  • bounty. 2%
  • The Geeba Ecosystem
    Geeba’s adoption of decentralization will cut down expenses of delivery for businesses because of the fact that the blockchain technology has proven to be the solution to most of our everyday problems. The Geeba platform no doubt will favor the retailers, customers and shippers alike.
    The Geeba ecosystem offers an economy and innovation to facilitate fleet scalability, an alternative support with regulations to acquire operational license.

How Geeba fulfill industrial needs

As we all know these days customers complain about

  • Delayed and late deliveries
  • Overpriced deliveries
  • Lengthy delivery times
  • Forced to stay home and wait for deliver.

Businesses are suffering from

  • Costs of repeated delivery attempts: Customers not at home and not answering when at the door, causing additional costs for second time delivery.
  • Not being able to grow business due to limited capacity of delivery and related costs.

Last-mile logistics companies are facing

  • Costs associated with customers not available to receive delivery.
  • Managing peak times (Weekends, holidays and special occasions).
  • Handling customer complaints.
  • Communications within fleet and with customers.
  • Difficulties offering real-time tracking options to customers.
  • Increasing cost of deliveries due to increase of minimum wage.

With the development of Geeba ecosystem, retailers, consumers and shippers can be able to have below facilities.

For retailers: Higher capacity to cope with delivery demand, integrated services with enhanced customer experience and innovative supply chain.

For consumers: City-friendly delivery system with flexible service.

For shippers: Fleets scalability can be facilitated with economy and technology, Compatibility of access to demand with autonomous vehicles capability.

    The delivery systems have in no small way facilitated trade,making it easy and convenient for consumers to order what they want,at what price they are able to buy and as at when they need it. These delivery platforms are formerly managed or rather controlled by centralised platforms,and with the presence of middlemen making the cost of delivery very high,but with the invention of the Geeba platform, the delivery system will be run by a decentralized platform that is going to make delivery, easy,fast and convenient, the use of the technology of blockchain will also make the all process transparent.

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