Blockchain has taken dominion over almost all technologies because it is applicable in almost all sectors of life. Businesses, organizations and governments that has not integrated Blockchain technology into their system are really behind the scene. Today, i will discuss extensively on Bitrabbit , a cryptocurrency exchange Platform but first i will like to discuss generally about Cryptocurrency exchanges and the major challenges they are facing.
Cryptocurrency exchange in a simple term could be defined as an online digital exchange Platform which permits any class of traders to exchange their various digital assets . Profitability is being determined by individual traders or users trading skills. Cryptpcurrency exchange link buyers and sellers in the process of buying and selling of digital assets.
There are numerous shortcomings associated with some existing Cryptocurrency Exchange.Having critically examined the situation in the Cryptocurrency Exchange space, the Team of BitRabbit has developed a very efficient , secured and transparent trading Platform named (BitRabbit) to correct all these aforementioned shortcoming in Cryptocurrency exchanges.
BitRabbit is one among the largest Crypto Exchange in Australia.The exchange was founded by the team of Brilliant developers .They offer different Class of Products ( Blockchain Asset Index) and some other financial derivatives .They offer Cryptocurrency trading services, investment in shares and commodities with digital currency and various financial derivatives with high level of market liquidity and unbeatable security system. Bitrabbit make use of algorithm PoS for the transaction verification.


(i) SECURITY: This is one among the major problems of Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Different cases of hacks and cyber attacks are being reported and huge amount of customers funds has been reported lost.This is one of the problem preventing mass adoption of Cryptocurrency.
(ii) Excessive transaction fees: High transaction fee on trade execution discourage traders and not allowing much profitability.
(iii) Lack of Customers Support Service : On a normal ground, a viable cryptocurrency exchange are suppose to have a team of dedicated Staff that will be liable for 24/7 Customer care service in any case of technical problem .If this is lacking ,users will not be encouraged .
(iv) Trading Volume Manipulation: Most Cryptocurrency exchanges manipulate their trading volume with bots in other to entice users . Their trading platform displays fake volumes.
(v) Low Liquidity : This is another major problem attributed to Crytocurrency Exchange.
(v) Lack of Simple and friendly user interface : In Crypto Space,everyone are not tech savvy. Some set of people even believed Cryptocurrency are meant for developers due to some technicalities attached to the use .To encourage mass adoption and taking Cryptocurrency into mainstream, simple and friendly user interface is what needed in other to encourage newbie to make perfect use of the system.


UNBEATABLE SECURITY: BitRabbit has made the security of their Customers Assets a top priority . Some certain measures are being taken by the Platform to safeguard the interest of their users and their funds.I got intrigued when i was registering on the Platform . User must set Two factors Authentication before they could assess the full features of the Platform . 2FA is of 2 categories . Mobile number 2FA and Google 2FA are required to be set before you could assess the full functionality of the Platform.Apart from that, there are some advanced security layers that is also integrated into the Platform .IP detectors and Device detectors and many more. It will be very impossible to breach the Security System of BitRabbit Exchange.

BitRabbit Transaction Fees

BitRabbit charges on trade execution is very affordable unlike some other Cryptocurrency Platform .0.1% is charged on order , this list of charges could be find below
Etherium Withdrawal charges – 0.01Eth, BTC withdrawal charges – 0.0005BTC and LTC fees is 0.01LTC.This is quite fair unlike the charges levied is some other Cryptocurrency exchanges.

24/7 Customers Support Service

BitRabbit Cryptocurrency Exchange offered 24/7 Customers Support service . This is one of of the great feature of this Platform . Users are being treated fairly . 24/7 Customers Support service is being rendered to users with multilingual feature .Customers encountering some technical difficulties and in need of support can easily contact the dedicated staff of Bitrabbit at any time and get their problems resolved without delay.


There is no artificial trading Volume in BitRabbit Platform. As i did mentioned earlier, some trading Platform manipulate Volume with Bots . Reverse is the case in BitRabbit Crytocurrency Exchange Platform. Organic trading Volume is being maintained on the Platform . There is enough Liquidity in the Platform . Trades are executed instantaneously . There is no need for waiting forever before trades could be executed. Users enjoy high liquidity Trading Platform in BitRabbit Platform. BitRabbit Trading Volume is over $35,500,000 USD and sometimes it goes beyond that limit . More details could regarding the daily Trading Volume could be checked in (CMC) Coinmarketcap


The brilliant team of BitRabbit developers has studies the situation in Cryto Space, they know Cryptocurency still need to gain attention of the masses. As a result of this, they have created a very simple and friendly user interface to ease the use of the Platform for everyone including the newbies who are into the system.


This is the main and native Cryptocurrency used in BitRabbit Platform . The token is used for the development of the Platform . its used to cast vote in the Platform in case of any new listing of cryptocurrency in the Platform. More functionality is being planned on the usage of BRB in the future. Investors can buy and hold BRB for long term investment and traders can as well trade BRB for profitability as well.

Final thought

BitRabbit is a very good and highly competitive Platform. As mentioned in the Paragraph above, the Team of BitRabbit Developers has taken their time to critically studied some major loopholes in the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform and have come up with a sustainable solution that will enhance smooth Trading operation within their Platform and giving their users best Trading experience. I thereby recommend this Cryptocurrency Exchange for those willing to find a reliable trading Platform and the profit oriented traders.

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