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About Us
Colletrix is backed by a talented team from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena and Bitwork Accelerator. UNDONE will bring its merchandising expertise to showcase the benefits of blockchain technology for merchandise products, Animoca Brands will introduce its vast network of IP owners and blockchain and gamification technologies, while Future Arena will leverage its strong portfolio of of sports and entertainment IPs – all to create a vibrant ecosystem of IP creation, trading and physical merchandising using blockchain technology

Is supported by a talented team from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena and Bitwork Accelerator. The goal of the project is to revolutionize the ownership of intellectual property, providing protection and constant value for owners of IP through tokenization, while ensuring merchandisers and consumers confidence in the authenticity of their purchased products.
UNDONE will share its merchandising experience to demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology for products, Animoca Brands will present its extensive network of owners of IP technology and blockchain technology and gamification, and Future Arena will use its extensive portfolio of sports and entertainment IP addresses – and everything for create a dynamic ecosystem of creating IP, trade and physical merchandising using blockchain technology.
In the future, in addition to its IP-based tokenization business model, Colletrix will explore the possibilities of redefining the market value of goods using basic authentication technology. With the integration of a digital asset and traditional goods, adding the value of a digital asset beyond the original collectible value of a commodity will result in a completely new collectible value of the commodity.

will study the development of NFT and new technologies that allow to verify the authenticity of goods, providing proof of ownership and authentication using the blockchain technology, which makes the fake completely impotent.
Through the Colletrix platform , we aim to create a new market value with the integration of tokenization of IP. With the introduction of NFT, we will combine the old economy and the new economy. Consequently, we will expand opportunities for all owners and creators of IP around the world to create a longer-term license for their IP6; and for merchandisers, we will offer them a new market value of their physical goods through the use of blockchain, maximizing the attractiveness and advantages of their products. The inclusion of NFT will stimulate the interest of collectors, giving them easy access to the cryptocurrency market and opening up new business opportunities, such as creating franchises.
Initially, Colletrix will work with UNDONE, Animoca Brands and Future Arena to develop a series of unique watches as a product and insert an NFC chip into them at the assembly stage. Each of these NFC chips will contain a unique private key and other information for purchasing the corresponding ERC-721 ( NFT ) token on the platform. After a customer has bought a watch, he can use the NFC reader on his phone to scan the watch and get the private key. He can then go to the platform to redeem the associated NFT (the rendered IP design) with the private key.

Colletrix – Bridging the Physical and Virtual World
Project Colletrix introduces one of the first non-commensurate tokens in the world (“NFT”) that aims to be associated with the design of physical property (“IP”) physical goods. The project will be combined with IP, blockchain, and merchandise to revolutionize the merchandise market using NFT, tokens under the ERC-721 protocol, and ERC-20 tokens known as Colletrix Tokens (“CIPX”), resulting in the creation of all different ecosystems that benefit more supporters.
One part of the Project involves the development of NFT which represents unique IP ownership associated with merchandise. The other part of the Project involves the development of CIPX, which circulates cryptocurrency in the Colletrix ecosystem (“Ecosystem”).
Digital collections in games in the form of NFT are increasing became popular with the launch of CryptoKitties in 2018 and strong initial success. . We believe NFT brings great potential applications to the merchandise market.
Utilizing the appeal of crypto collections, the Project will be the first to integrate new economies with the old economy, creating a completely new business model. The creation of the Colletrix platform (“Platform”) will introduce the industry’s first platform where original IP owners can provide new lifetime licenses through tokenization. We apply NFT technology to build new business models that will benefit IP Owners and consumers. By doing that, we began the first step to develop and enhance the blockchain community ecosystem. This platform will be a new milestone for the merchandise and IP industry market.
Colletrix Ecosystem:
The platform is a new business model consisting of mutually beneficial relationships between five parties: IP owners, Merchandisers, Collectors, Crypto fans, and you.
Roadmap and Milestones
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