Knowledge is Power is a common saying which means having a sufficient information about something. Firms, organizations, Institutions all over the universe recognize the importance of information and its Security . It is an unfair and strange act how some Platform uses their users data’s without their consent or rewards . Research has discovered that lack of transparency and trust is one of the peculiar problem in Data industries .It is an outdated system using Centralized system storing data . This has brought the emergence of DAYTA platform, they have designed an innovative platform Powered by DAYTA token for data exchange.

Data industries play a very huge and vital role in the Society but most of the time these sector are being overlooked . There are some personal data whom are intended to be secretly kept but when a situation of hack happened where its been kept , that means it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore, the secret has been revealed . That Datya has implemented Blockchain technology to ensure safety and maximum protection of users information and preventing any situation of hack and attack , this makes it the safest Platform ever .The Platform gives users benefit to profit from the personal data unlike other platform out there that only sell users Data without their consent talk-less of rewarding them . They have made available Datya token which is the main currency for the transaction within the Datya Platform . They have made it possible with their technology to solve the peculiar problem of security and privacy through their Blockchain based Decentralized system and users can freely trade their datas for profit on their person discretion and their convenience.

How data is being used illegally?

We have been discussing about data hack and some organisation selling some peoples personal data for profit without their consent . Now we will discuss briefly on how the data is been used.Majority of people doesn’t know their data is used . The GDPR will be of great help to European and UK users. this will serve as a guide to the others to protect their data and privacy as well. When you signed up on a platform and lots people do the same , transaction history , customers profiles , behavioral marketing analysis are being studied. The data of your patronage how user behave will be examined critically in other to strategize how to convince customers to buy more

Who uses your data?

The use of your Personal data is not limited to Database of an organization you registered with.The company you patronize store your data and using it to pursue aggressive marketing and revenue Goals .There are countless databases and spreadsheet designed to store customers information , some using cloud services while others using external data providers to process peoples data for their own use. Bulk of companies you have patronized either by purchasing their product or services , some marketing companies ,research agencies. This organisations are into data storage,data processing,data analysis . Your data is a very valuable asset you got.

What Dayta is all about ?

The Dayta is a platform dedicated for the security of users personal Data and exchange . The Platform is powered by a Currency (DAYTA) Token which can be used to trade and exchange Data within the platform .Dayta will solve the problems of multiple data protection, privacy issues and consent . The Team vision is to build a user friendly , Secured Exchange and Dapp within the ecosystem. The team Goal is to ensure Organization and individual users are secured and profiting from a unified personal information blockchain Ecosystem which will be transparent .

Features of DayTA Ecosystem

It enables users Profit from their Personal Data
Enabling users to share in Companies profit by using the Companies data for marketing , customers insight and behavioral analysis .
Datya Platform is Powered by Blockhain thereby enabling maximum security of data, efficiency in the use of the Platform and profitability.
Platform users, Businesses and miners are independent though playing related roles within the platform .This is managed by Datya
Blockchain with the use of DATYA token.
The Dayta Platform is GDPR Data protection .
Readily Designed GDPR for the platform to ensure users enjoy effectiveness and profitability Globally.

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