Tecra in a simple term can be described as a blockchain based Innovative Platform .Tecra is an online platform specialized in Researching,investing,supporting and commercializing advanced patent protected technologies .It is a Platform for fund raising ,advertising , nurturing , incubating and commercialization of ideas. Innovative ideas are generally welcomed in
the Tecra Platform . A very proficient science and technology related ideas. According to the World research , science and technology has been of great help in improving the standard of living of people . It has been of great help to the well being of every mankind.Internet is part of the ideas that became reality . The Team of Tecra Developers are building a Robust platform solely dedicated for the Scientist, communities and investors where different kind of ideas and
innovation will be getting explored and getting implemented .Tecra Platform will be solving a a lot of problem which governments cant resolve. The Project will play a very huge role in the development of mankind , science and technology and Global economy at large.

TecraCoin will create a Platform that will enable various scientist and technologist submitting their ideas once approved by the Tecra Team of scientist and endorsed through community vote. Tecra Platform will consist of professional lawyers and some specialist which will ensure the ideas of all these scientist are effectively implemented without delays.


(1) Lack of funding : This is the first and fundamental problem of innovators and scientist. Its generally known that where there are brilliant ideas without Capital to execute the ideas and turning into reality , the ideas will eventually die.

(2) Patent Protection of Product : Acquiring Patent of a particular product is a very difficult task and its one among the challenges faced by innovators

(3) Standardization barrier is another huge challenge which Tecra intents to solve.


Tecra Platform will provide solutions to the aforementioned problems. Tecra will provide enough Liquidity in financing a very high quality innovation and turning the dream of scientist into reality . Acquisition of Patents and all necessary documentation required to turn a product or developed technology into a standard form will be handled by the Team of professional lawyers employed in Tecra Community.Ideas in Tecra Platform will become reality ,human resources generally
are being developed and contributing to the positive economic growth.

Graphene Technology is the first technology which Tecra Platform intends to commercialize. Tecra Team is positive about Graphene project , they believe the product will be very competitive and marketable . Some Graphene materials which has been patented are graphene oxide, graphene form and graphene flakes.All these products are highly relevant in the Medicine
, Energy and chemistry industries . Due to their importance in these industries , they will be highly marketable and profitable.
The Tecra Company will focus their investment on production for both researches and commercial intentions.They will focus on promoting Graphene being an innovative materials and making selection of the companies they will use in production of graphene.

How the TecraCoin Platform works

(i) As stated in th first paragraph of this write up, the Project consist of Scientist from different field whose major motive is investment in ideas.Second, the interested or informed investors about Patented Project which can be commercialized the Community who works on PoW who uses their Computing system to mine .

(ii) Funds raised from various investors who purchases TecraCroin are retained in the Company investment fund . These funds are used in sponsoring and financing innovative project which will in future be commercialized.

(iii) The Project submitted goes through scrutiny and verification , the most reliable and quality among the submitted project that has huge profit potential will be chosen and listed for the Tecra community vote.Voting are done with the use of Portfolios , the project which receive huge vote will receiving funding for execution.

(iv) After the project execution, next phase it get commercialized and once the investment on the project is realized , all investors receive their entitlement in form of dividends which is lifetime.Investors who cant wait for long term can easily sell their share of TeraCoin in the listed Exchanges.

(v) Tecra is a great Platform , the potential of this project success is very high . Once amazing thing is Graphen Companies also buy TecraCoin. Tecra Company as well will buy TecraCoin from the market to ensure high demand at 30 to 70 % profit.



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