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Veil project mainnet got launched in Jan 1st 2019 by Veil Labs Professional developers Team who Specializes in building Stronger Privacy, Global blockchain technology and Cryptography as a whole.They are integrating innovative technology into Veil Coin system in other to ensure its one among the Strongest, Secured and highly rated Privacy coin Globally and ensuring mainstream adoption.The Veil Technology implements the combination of 2 distinct technology which includes, Zerocoin and RingCT . Both technology when combined together they bring the most superior privacy technology.The simple theory behind Zerocoin is to ensure Cryptocurrency transactions are executed in total privacy. In this case, either the sender or receiver remain anonymous while the transaction is executed and valid between the parties involved.Apart from the aforementioned features, Veil gives room for staking and mining which is another great income source.

Am going to do some brief explanation on how the Veil Underlying technology works

The Workring of Zerocoin protocol 

The Veil network underlying technology consist of RingCT technology and the ZeroCoin Protocol. We shall first discuss on ZeroCoin .

What Zercoin all about? The major aims of Zerocoin is to ensure absolute privacy for the users .It is the first version of Zero Cash protocol the major technology behind the Zcash. The protocol transfer visible coins, minting the coins but doesn’t reveal the Contact from the sender but the coins will be received accurately. all these technology work for privacy.

The Second Veil underlying technology is RingCT

Its a Ring signature algorithm used by Monero technology . ringCT enables deprived the public from accessing the accurate transaction Values between the users. Only receiver and senders can know the values of assets being transfers.

Based on the 2 underlying technology we just review i could without hesitation point that Veil system works like that Monero and the Zcash but the major difference is that VEIL Combined both attributes in terms of technology which even make the Privacy technology behind it more superior that the duo.

Veil operate on on Hybrid Consnsus which will enable to the use of (PoS) Consensus to facilitate absolute decentralization within the network..There is availability of reward system for the Veil holders who wished to stake their coins. The Proof of work will be implemented to enable transparency and fairness in coins distribution and general Veil network security.

With the use of PoM system, veil remove the needs of organizing ICO for fund raising or Pre mining and ensuring mining activity is conducted in a decent manner with the use of Low energy consumption mining equipment. Veil staking system is conducted using Zerocoin denomination to ensure fairness and absolute privacy .

VEIL system has also made it possible to earn tons of coins passively with their staking system. I will highlight some guides to staking VEIL Coins

STEP (i) The first approach is to get the Veil wallet downloaded on your device . Be it Windows, Linux and  MacOS. Android and IOS device still coming up they are still under development.
STEP (ii)Extract your Veil address after finishing the download in Receive money section of the wallet .This process of fetching wallet address is just like when we want to get address from any wallet .
STEP (iii) .Transfer some Veil Coins from the exchange to your receiving address you generated from your wallet .
STEP (iv) Finally, Stake your coins by activating the Staking icon in the wallet and keep the wallet opened permanently .


It will be a great opportunity for any potential investors to join the Veil Community in other to be part of an early adopter. The VEIL Ecosystem is still in it developmental phase ,the more it grows the more the Coins add values . Security and privacy wise, Veil has proven to be the best. The price is still very cheap now . KEY into the VEIL system now and invest in future. You can buy veil coins by exploring below link :


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