Loyalty programs are marketing strategies mapped by the business merchant to encourage continuous and frequent customers patronage. These programs covers different kinds of rewards scheme .It is simply the backbone of business . It helps business to thrive .Nowadays its been observed most loyalty programs are not much effective

mostly in Small scale businesses.Most businesses cant afford to continue with the Scheme due to the financial implication .Having observed this situation. Smathium a loyalty platform based on Blockchain . It aims towards solving the problems in the existing Centralized loyalty programs.It Calso aim to develop a Decentralized Application (DApp) , this will grant various business access to create their loyalty program which powered by a single unified coin .Creating a single unified loyalty point system in both online and offline in small retails businesses i.e Cafe, shopping mall, Groceries store , cafe and more across the globe is one of the major Goal of Smathium Platform.Studies has revealed all customers enjoy loyalty programs but they are not enjoying it to the fullest as expected.Majority of Small, medium scale businesses Loyalty programs does not provide full benefit , some don’t even pay what they promise.Besides, to implement a fully functional loyalty program is capital intensive and it can run businesses down if proper measure not taken..

On the contrary, the larger Scale organisations such as airlines, Departmental stores, can maintain and afford to provide high Standard loyalty program to their members. Having studies, these difference , Smathium has emerged to combat this shortcoming associated to smaller scale business being unable to provide efficient loyalty service to their customers,The Smathium are developing am multi business loyalty platform which will be opened to all kinds of businesses with a long term Goal of providing a valuable services to their various customers

Smathium will develop a Decentralized Application ( dApp) which will be made opened to various type of businesses that want to intergrate rewards programs into their businesses and will be powered by a by a single unified coin which will be traditional token that will be used solely for transactions within the platform . All businesses registring on (dApp) transact with the token and the token can as well be traded on various exchanges. The Smathium Platform will enable all sorts of brands to connects their loyalty program to Smathium Blockchain Network

The Smathium Network

Everyone is opened to membership benefit of Smathium Platform just like the regular departmental stores..Small merchants can present their membership programs to their various customers. Smathium enable the provision of different type of membership prorams to their various customers.. It depends on which type of membership a particular customers wants to have.Single Unified Coins within the Platform :Customers within the Smathium Network receive their various rewards in a single cryptocurrency . This is the native Coin of the Platform .

Trad-able Benefits Brands who participated in Smathium Platform can trade their various benefits on their own discretion.


With the use of Blockchain technology , high valued loyalties and membership is easily made available to everyone , thereby creating a huge ecosystem which can ben intergrated into a single unified coin .The Team of Smartium are Skilled and Expirience with decades of expirience in various fields of life. Based on their long term expirience in e-commerce sector , they are building a projects that will reach the mainstream through Blockchain and lots of partnership on the way.

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