Genesis is a platform that provides investment in a traditional way such as real estate investment and combines it with blockchain technology. A traditional-future combination way of investments has become a new investment way nowadays. What’s the advantage of joining Genesis platform?

  1. Working Business
     We are dealing with the real estate for more than 15 years. Our team employees own and successfully manage the different real estate in different countries. Together, we sign contracts for more than $ 100 million a year.
  2. Legitimacy
     The issue and distribution of GES tokens are made according to EU legislation. All necessary information and documents can be found in the section about the company.
  3. Geography and Opportunities
     We do not work in one particular region, our employees and partners are constantly located in the different places of the Planet and select the best objects in real estate market. We provide an opportunity for each participant of the project to offer own object, and it will be reviewed. Our experts will make the necessary analysis, and in the case of positive result, we will buy it through GENESIS platform.
  4. Credits and Loans
     You urgently need money, but you don’t want to sell GES tokens and leave the project… .we have envisaged this! You will be able to take a loan at minimal interest, and use your tokens as a guarantee, which will be returned to you after the repayment.
  5. Independence from The Rate of Cryptocurrencies
     Your profit will not depend on the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies, the profit from usage of real estate is fixed and tied to euro. You will be able to choose how to get your dividends — in any of cryptocurrency, in euro to your account or on credit card, issued by our platform.

Genesis platform will release the GES Token with their bunch of advantagescome along their token which are :

  1. Guaranteed by Real Estate
    GES token is guaranteed by assets, related to the highest level of guarantee — by real estate. The Volatility of cryptocurrency and possible collapses of cryptocurrency cannot negatively affect the rate of GES tokens, as its price is determined and based on the value of real estate and the profitability of the project.
  2. Company’s Obligation for Repurchase
     One of the key parameters for investors is the obligation of the company to repurchase the tokens. The investor will be able to exercise the right to leave the project and sell the tokens back to the company at any time after starting the operational activity of the project.
  3. Public Offering on International Exchanges and Strong Growth Rate
     The investment strategy of the project provides the obligatory expansion of GES tokens on international cryptocurrency exchanges. The financial forecast demonstrates that during 6–9 months after public offering on the exchanges, the rate of the token can grow up to 300%-750%.
  4. GES Token is A Piece of Real Estate
     All real estate owned by GENESIS platform will be tokenized, you will own your part of real estate, according to the amount of investments.
  5. The Opportunity to Participate in Special High-Yielding Projects
     The holders of GES tokens will get profit from the realization of special projects. It will provide the additional income of 25%-75% to investors.

For more info on the platform, you can check from the link down below

IСO [01 April 2018–15 May 2018]

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