Genesis Easy and convenient investment in real estate


It is international real estate fund and multipurpose operation platform created on the basis of digital technologies and the technology blockchain.All investments will be used for the purchase of real estate objects that will be owned by the Fund and will constitute its assets, providing the basis for further development and increase of the market price of the project.The innovative decisions realized in the project GENESIS ensure the harmonious union of the classical methods of the real estate investment with possibilities of progressive and modern reaching of the digital economy.Simple and convenient investing, exclusion of intermediaries, no limits and freedom of choice, the stable high profit, the highest level of reliability and security – this is the project GENESIS.


The GENESIS platform is a unified corporate structure that combines in itself key features and legal aspects of a classical society and modern decentralized projects based on the blockchain technology.

A clear and informative user interface with a system of user accounts gives investors all the necessary information about investment objects, credits and disbursements, transactions, current market price of assets and other information.

The GENESIS platform allows investors to invest in traditional investment instruments – real estate objects – in a simple and convenient way, while giving access to the use of the emerging distributed economy of digital technologies, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.


The medium-term investment strategy of the GENESIS project will ensure a gradual and economically sound project development for the three-year period 2018-2020.

The strategy provides the main development directions of the company, the forms and the methods of realization of the tasks set and the mechanisms of achievement of the claimed medium-term goals. The post-2020 project development plan is part of a long-term development strategy.

The development strategy of GENESIS is based on the definition of project as the core indicators of the financial, financial and market (marketing) indicators, the so-called key indicators of the effectiveness of the activity (KPI).


The concept and the medium-term strategy of the project GENESIS provides for the gradual increase of ownership of the company.

The increase in project assets is achieved through the phased and planned issuance of project tokens on the investment market for 2018-2020 year. During this time it is planned to place in the market about 250 million tokens GES – 50-60 million tokens in 2018, 50-60 million tokens in 2019, 120 – 130 million tokens in 2020.

From the second placement of the GES pool on the market 2018, the increasing coefficients are applied to the nominal value of the tokens at the first sale. Since the listing of the GES tokens on the international crypto exchanges, all new issues of the GES token pools in the market are being made according to the current market price.

Placement on the market of the planned 250 million tokens GES on the predicted exchange price will allow to acquire ownership of the platform GENESIS and to create the fund of objects with the minimum assets worth about 500-750 million € by 2021.

  • Symbol: GES
  • Price 1 GES = 1 EUR
  • Platform: Ether
  • Accept: BTC, ETH, LTC, XIN, Fiat
  • Soft cap: 3000000 EUR
  • Country: Estonia
  • Restricted areas USA

The distribution (subscription) of GES tokens takes place in several steps and in terms of the investment strategy of the project. At the moment of full distribution of all tokens among investors, the undistributed tokens (which were not purchased when ITO was executed ) are in the reserve.


Bounty campaigns:

Another way to get involved in the project is to have bounty campaigns where you can help the creators of the project with marketing in different ways. For example via a social network like Facebook or Twitter or even translating the project into another language and so on.

You will be rewarded with tokens for your participation. For more information about the Bounty campaigns, visit the following link:

There is also an official thread in the Bitcointalk forum for all crypto-currency fans, where you are more than welcome to join the discussion on the project. All this and more at:

About the authors of the project:
The team is led by Dmitry Navoznikov, who has joined forces to reach the goal and start the business. We should all join and help them reach the goal, since everyone could have something of it. Take a look at the team:

For more information, you can visit:


My Bitcointalk profile:;u=993052



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