The GENESIS platform will allow anyone in a simple and convenient form to invest in traditional investment tools, such as real estate. At the same time, it will provide access to the development of a distributed distributed economy of digital technologies, such as block and crypto currency.

GENESIS has chosen the technology of blockchain to create a reliable and maximally convenient multiplatform, combining various services and services. We believe that the further development of the company and the blocking business is directly connected with the entry of the real sector of the economy into the market.


The purpose of the GENESIS ecosystem is to open up opportunities for investing and managing finances for the general public, regardless of geographic location and give investors the opportunity to become co-owners of real estate objects of various commercial purposes and different costs.

The GENESIS ecosystem will eliminate the gap between classical conservative investments and the world of digital cryptographic technologies, creating an entirely new environment of investment opportunities.

Some advantages of GENESIS:

Working business
Gensis has been engaged in real estate for more than 15 years, which means that their team and employees are all professionals and know the market very well. They own and manage real estate in different countries. Signing contracts worth more than $ 100 million per year.


Distribution of GES tokens is made in accordance with the law.
The release and placement of GES tokens is carried out in full compliance with the legislation of the European Union.

Geography and opportunities.
Genesis does not work in one particular place. The team is scattered around the world to find the right property.

Credits and loans.
You will be able to take out a loan with a minimum interest, and as security to use your tokens, which will return to you after payment.

Independence from the course of Crypto-currency.
Your profit will not depend on fluctuations in the rate of the Crypto currency, the profitability from the use of real estate is fixed and tied to the EURO. You will be able to choose how to receive dividends – in any of the Crypto-currencies, in EURO to your account or on a credit card issued by our payment system.

The Genesis platform will release GES Token, with their bunch of benefits coming along with their token, which are:
Guaranteed real estate GES token is guaranteed by assets associated with a high level of guarantee – real estate. The instability of the crypto currency and the possible collapse of the crypto currency can not negatively affect the rate of GES tokens, since its price is determined and based on the real estate value and profitability of the project.
2. Obligation of the company to buy out One of the key parameters for investors is the company’s obligation to buy jockeys. The investor will be able to exercise the right to leave the project and sell the company’s tokens at any time after the start of the project’s operational activities.
3. Public offer on international exchanges and high rates of development. The investment strategy of the project provides for mandatory expansion of GES-tokens at international exchange rates. The financial forecast shows that within 6-9 months after the public offering of the exchanges, the token rate may rise to 300-750%.

GES Token is part of the property. All real estate belonging to the GENESIS platform will be leased, you will own your part of the real estate depending on the volume of investments.
The opportunity to participate in special high-paying projects GES wallets are profitable from the implementation of special projects. This will provide additional income for investors from 25% -75%.
For more information about the platform, you can check out the link below

IСO [01 April, 2018 – 15 May, 2018]

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