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One of the most talked about topics in the financial services industry today is the blockchain and is the biggest market annoyance today. Originally designed to facilitate, authorize, and record the transfer of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is digital money that uses blockchain technology to facilitate secure and anonymous transactions. Statistics show the crypto currency market capitalization at US $ 502.375,504,565 with block chain technology functioning as its backbone. This combination is increasingly linked to industries with anticipation to revolutionize traditional approaches to business and gain benefits including cost reductions, faster settlement and increased transparency.

Today I will discuss about the development of Cryptocurrency world which has increased significantly in recent years, with various types of Crypto, platform or application in circulation. Many ICOs will come every day. There are some with good ideas and some with useless ideas, few have great ideas. Now I want to talk about ICO with a good idea that is GENESIS as an investment platform in Real Estate world.

Genesis is a platform that provides traditional investment, such as real estate investing, and incorporates blockade technology. The combination of investments that come traditionally has become a new way to invest today.

What are the advantages of joining the Genesis platform?

  • Business Work We have been dealing with real estate for over 15 years. Our team staff owns and successfully manages various real estate objects in different countries. Together, we sign contracts worth more than $ 100 million annually.
  • Legitimizing the issue and distribution of GES markers in accordance with EU legislation. All necessary information and documents can be found in the company section.
  • Geography and Opportunities We do not work in one particular area, our employees and partners are constantly being in different places on the planet and choosing the best objects in the real estate market. We provide opportunities for each project participant to offer their own objects, and that will be considered. Our specialists will do the necessary analysis, and in the case of a positive result, we will buy it through the GENESIS platform.
  • Your loans and loans are in dire need of money, but you do not want to sell GES tokens and leave the project … we forecast it! You will be able to borrow at a minimum percentage and use your token as collateral to be returned to you upon return.
  • Independent of the level of cryptoculture Your profits will not depend on the exchange rate of cryptoculture, the profits from the use of fixed real estate and tied to the euro. You will be able to choose how to receive a dividend- in any crypto currency, in euro in your account or on a credit card issued by our platform.

The Genesis platform will release GES Tokens, with their many benefits coming along with their tokens that:

  • Real estate guarantees Token GES is secured by assets associated with the highest level of guarantee – real estate. The instability of cryptography and the possible collapse of cryptographic goods can not affect the speed of the GES tokens, as their prices are determined and based on property values
    and project profitability.
  • The company’s obligation to redemption One of the main parameters for investors is the company’s obligation to redeem the jockey. Investors will be able to exercise the right to leave the project and sell the company token at any time after the commencement of project operations.
  • Offering on the international and high growth markets The project investment strategy involves the mandatory expansion of GES tokens with international exchange rates. Financial forecasts indicate that within 6-9 months after a public exchange offer, the token rate may increase by 300-750%.
  • GES Tokens are part of real estate. All real estate belonging to the GENESIS platform will be taught, you will own your property, depending on the amount of investment.
  • The possibility to participate in special high-paying projects, the owner of the GES tokens receive the benefits of implementing specific projects. This will provide additional income for investors from 25% -75%.

Token GES

Total number of tokens: 1 000 000 000 GES tokens

The nominal price for 1 GES is 1 euro

GES tokens distribution:

  • 80% – for ITO investors
  • 18% – for developers (teams)
  • 2% – for prizes

The distribution of the GES tokens will be done using ITO, with the possibility of paying GES markers with ETC, ETH, BTC, LTC, BTH and XIN crypto currency.

ITO start date is April 1, 2018, to May 15, 2018

GES stream is the only confirmation of user participation in Genesis. GES tokens are provided with real assets. Those with a GES token become co-owners of real estate on the platform.



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ISO [April 1, 2018 – May 15, 2018]

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