GENESIS Project Is A Real Estate Pooled Into A Single Fund.

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 What is a
GENESIS project is a real estate pooled into a single fund, not only Russian, but also foreign, and consequently, the association itself has an international level and status, as well as a platform where it is possible to conduct various operations with this property, having many functions . It is based on blockchain and digital technologies.
The capital invested in this fund is used to purchase various real estate. It becomes the property of GENESIS and forms its assets, which helps in creating a base for further expansion, the market value of this enterprise also increases.
GENESIS quite successfully realizes non-standard, modern solutions that harmoniously combine within the framework of the created project the opportunity to invest in real estate according to the classical, standard scheme. And also GENESIS can provide access to modern and advanced achievements of the world economy.
Advantages of the project
The basis for such indicators as the convenience and ease of investing their own finances, the client has the right to choose the preferred option, to expect that the revenue will be guaranteed and stable, bypassing intermediaries. But most importantly – GENESIS guarantees total investment protection and offers a very high degree of reliability.

What problems does the project solve? 
It is worth noting the fact that not so long ago commercial investments were not common to the general public. Just a small group of people could expect to receive income from the use of various properties, both residential and non-residential. And for commercial real estate, the price has always been almost unattainable for ordinary people. In addition, as another problem, one can say that investing in crypto-currencies and crypto-currency projects have a high share of risk.

But if we talk directly about the reasons that do not allow most people to engage in independent investment, they can include: high entry threshold, high commercial risks of individual investment, ignorance of the specifics and market conditions, risks of investing in the markets of other states, risks of the collapse of the crypto-currency market .
Genesis solutions
And all of the above problems are easily solved with the help of GENESIS. The solution is quite simple – GENESIS is a multifunctional platform that in its work relies on modern technologies capable of providing operational, technical, and, most importantly, financial protection.


The GENESIS platform is not a service platform that acts as an intermediary. It is an absolutely autonomous and independent project that has its own structure, real assets and a long-term development perspective.
Speaking of advantages, GENESIS is a real estate collected in a single fund, and this is a commercial type property. And this property is the property of the platform, and the profit from its use will be fairly divided between those who invested their funds. In this case, the people who invested in the project own finances are co-owners of all objects owned by GENESIS, and the ownership of real estate is carried out in such a way that the investor owns a number of GES tokens and, consequently, real estate.

Token and its provision. Mechanisms ITO
GENESIS provides a one-time limited release of its own GES token, with a par value of 1 euro equivalent. Issued will be 1 billion pieces. GES is supposed to be distributed step by step, using ITO mechanisms, where it is possible to pay GES tokens with ETH, ETC, LTC, BTC, DCH, XIN, and bank transfer.

GES tokens use real assets as collateral. This means that GENESIS is the first of the world projects, which has a crypto currency project created by the project itself – the GES token. And in this case, assets are actually purchased commercial real estate, the value of which will be able to confirm an independent market valuation of a first-class company from Europe.






For more info on the platform, you can check from the link down below

IСO [01 April 2018–15 May 2018]

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