Genesis – Real Estate coupled with Blockchain in a Profitable Manner

Genesis blockchain project:
Genesis is a blockchain ICO project that deals in real estate sector. Times are changing in every spheres of life. Life is in a constant motion. Industries are driven for a change. Internet, dApps and blockchain technology makes life easy for everyone. Real estate is an industry that can benefit a lot. The Genesis project understands it and it has chosen the blockchain route to evolve itself. In its process of evolution, it will pioneer a change in the real estate industry as a whole. The market is going to get larger geographically and condensed in its digital representation.
Real estate is a tool to optimize your capital. You would want to be sure your funds are protected. It is by the basic principles of being a part of this industry. Genesis develops protocols that helps promote your capital. It helps these funds to advance and yield more profits. It makes your capital livelier over a blockchain. Up to date digital crypto technology assures you of fund safety. The platform offers a boundless way to invest in real properties from hotels to business centers to shopping malls. All of these can belong to you. Genesis knows how to manage the properties wisely.
Revolution in real estate:
Real estate markets are risky. Genesis helps you alleviate the risks by facilitating investments abroad. You can own land and property in some of that county that guarantees success. Like all ICO projects go your ownership comes in the form of smart contracts and tokens. Genesis is more than just a project. It is a new way of investing. This is an evolution in the real estate sector. New opportunities open up for all investors. Investments combined with own solid assets give optimal security for your capital.
Genesis is registered as a company in Estonia. Being part of the EU, it gives the company most access. The registration makes work in Europe as convenient as possible. The value of global real estate market is more than $200 trillion. The total value of commercial real estate is more than $32 trillion. The market is of larger value than stocks, debts and bonds. The ICO launch featured on Forbes, TNW and Blockchain News. This is the next gen investment market in real estate sector and you have the chance to join it. The tokens you purchases are backed by real estate.
ICO details:
The GES tokens are worth exactly a Euro each. 1 Million GES token will be released on blockchain. The issue of tokens is limited. 80% of the tokens will belong with the investors. Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and Bitcoin Cash are accepted crypto payments. Card payments and wire transfer is supported as well. The period of ITO is between 1st of April to 15th of May 2018. The soft cap is just 3 million Euros. You can register for ITO before it starts and get your 15% bonus. First week of ITO comes with 7.5% bonus. Second week gets 3.5% bonus.
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IСO [01 April, 2018 – 15 May, 2018]



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