Genesis Supply Chain Platform (GSCP) – Innovative Application for Industrial Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is not as easy as one might think to see from a bird’s eye. Mismanagement of a supply chain may cost firms millions of dollars, along with a dented reputation. Hence, there is a need to address the problems that revolve around supply chain. With advent of Distributed Ledger Technology (like the Blockchain) and IoT, efficient management of supply chain is possible.

Supply chain challenges in today’s world can be summarised as follows:

  1. Increase in globalisation and global connectivity has lead to more complex supply chains.
  2. There are sudden and rapid changes in market environments. Businesses have to quickly react to them, and it becomes tough to align supply chain that quickly.
  3. There are multiple parties of suppliers, producers, distributors, consumers make supply chain more complex, thereby making it more tough to coordinate.
  4. Presently there are very few firms who have employed the tools to predict and manage risks to react aptly.
  5. There is no clear transparency. One can’t be sure if basic code of conduct is being followed.
  6. There is lacking trust among various stakeholders, so not all data is shared which makes reconciliation of data a tedious task.

Genesis Supply Chain Platform

Genesis Supply Chain Platform is a company incorporated in France which aims to solve current issues in the supply chain industry. The GSC Platform team believes in the evolutionary potential that blockchain can provide to the detail tracking processes, logistics and buyers. The GSC platform will improve security and reduce costs in the aviation supply chain sector.

GSC is building with the industry-leading ETH (Ethereum) platform which is the premiere pioneer in smart contracts technology. The Ethereum platform offers the best development tools and the highest level of security in a smart contract platform. Ethereum is the future of smart contracts and blockchain technology and we are proud to build on such a cutting edge platform.

GSC main aim is to give its users the most efficient technology with tools adapted to their daily work, and last but not least, user-friendly.

The mission of Genesis Supply Chain Platform has been to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to bear on the aviation market to benefit suppliers, purchasers, regulators, and many other stakeholders in the industry. The project team is excited to announce that because of a significant demand they are expanding the scope to accommodate other industries. Many investors and potential users are engaging us on the “smart purchasing” functionality of the system and we will be implementing this functionality prior to our parts traceability platform.

At the heart of this expanded functionality is the GSCP token, which will be utilized to execute contracts and quickly facilitate purchases.

Problems Genesis Supply Chain Platform Seeks to Solve

The primary expenses facing companies are related to purchases and consume up to 80% of the total budget. The current supply chain process is full of tedious and time consuming tasks for the purchasing department. The lack of transparency (parts certification-counterfeited parts), speed, security, and automation can lead to huge losses for companies and cause catastrophic delays in their sales, and can even jeopardize their customers safety.

Genesis Supply Chain Platform is the Solution

GSCP provides to businesses a blockchain backed purchasing management software to give them a simple way to handle their supply chain process. Businesses will be autonomous to improve their sale margins and secure their own data.

The problem and solution above were gotten from the official website of GSCP (


  • Immutability and relevance of information.
  • Tool safety – tamper-proof data
  • Relationships between partners improved over the long term through trust.

Benefits for the buyer

  • Development of a multi-sourcing.
  • Increased reliability and trust (certified documents / automated process).
  • Significant reduction in ordering, administrative and accounting costs related to purchases.
  • Significant reduction in the time required to complete a purchase order.
  • Simplified monitoring of your supplier portfolio thanks to the personalized dashboard.

Benefits for the supplier

  • Better business visibility.
  • Improvement of reputation (accreditation by buyers / ratings)
  • Global sales follow-up on the performance tracking scoreboard with the customer action plans to implement.
  • Reduction of prospecting expenses.
  • Increase sales security (control of customer creditworthiness and accounting follow-up).

Benefits for the carrier / freight forwarder:

  • Better business visibility.
  • Improvement of reputation (accreditation by buyers / ratings)
  • Global sales follow-up on the performance tracking scoreboard with the customer action plans to implement.
  • Reduction of prospecting expenses.
  • Increase sales security (control of customer creditworthiness and accounting follow-up).

The Use of GSCP Token

GSCP token is the gas of blockchain technology GSC ERP 3.0: it gives access to innovation and services offered by GSC Platform to its users. GSC Platform offers user interface as clear and easy as possible, meaning the use of blockchain is only limited to a few click: every advantage of the blockchain accessible to everyone.

GSC platform gives an immediate payment via GSCP tokens.

Thanks to Parts Traceability service, users can follow up the complete traceability of a part life cycle by using GSCP tokens.

Users supplying data (traceability) are rewarded with GSCP tokensby GSC Platform.

Are you interested in participating in the Token Sale? Check out this link to register and be a part of this incredible project.

RoadMap of Solutions

Roadmap of solutions for 2019/2020

Q1 2019: Beta version IT Platform

Q2 2019: RC version IT Platform — GSC ERP 3.0 product Launch

Q3 2019: Testnet and launch of Smart Purchase — GSC ERP 3.0 v.2

Q4 2019: Testnet GSC Parts Traceability

Q1 2020: Main net GSC Parts Traceability — GSC ERP 3.0 MILLENIUM

Q2 2020: Improvements of GSC ERP 3.0 MILLENIUM


The Executive Team

The IT/Blockchain Development Team

The Marketing Team

The Communication & Community Care Team

The Business Development Team


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