Genesis blockchain project:
Genesis is a blockchain ICO project that deals in real estate sector. Times are changing in every spheres of life. Life is in a constant motion. Industries are driven for a change. Internet, dApps and blockchain technology makes life easy for everyone. Real estate is an industry that can benefit a lot. The Genesis project understands it and it has chosen the blockchain route to evolve itself. In its process of evolution, it will pioneer a change in the real estate industry as a whole. The market is going to get larger geographically and condensed in its digital representation.


Land is a device to enhance your capital. You would need to make certain your assets are secured. It is by the fundamental standards of being a piece of this industry. Beginning creates conventions that advances your capital. It causes these assets to progress and return more benefits. It makes your capital livelier over a blockchain. Up and coming digital crypto innovation guarantees you of store wellbeing. The stage offers an unfathomable method to put resources into genuine properties from lodgings to business focuses to shopping centers. These can have a place with you. Beginning knows how to deal with the properties shrewdly.

Unrest in land:

Land markets are hazardous. Beginning encourages you mitigate the dangers by encouraging ventures abroad. You can possess land and property in a portion of that district that ensures achievement. Like all ICO ventures go your possession comes as shrewd contracts and tokens. Beginning is something other than a venture. It is another method for contributing. This is an advancement in the land area. New open doors open up for all speculators. Ventures joined with possess strong resources give ideal security for your capital.

Beginning is enlisted as an organization in Estonia. Being a piece of the EU, it gives the organization generally get to. The enlistment makes work in Europe as advantageous as could be allowed. The estimation of worldwide land showcase is more than $200 trillion. The aggregate estimation of business land is more than $32 trillion. The market is of bigger incentive than stocks, obligations and securities. The ICO dispatch included on Forbes, TNW and Blockchain News. This is the cutting edge venture showcase in land division and you have the opportunity to go along with it. The tokens you buys are sponsored by land.


A simple summary of the Advantages in holding GES tokens:

Working Business
Gensis is dealing with the real estate industry for more than 15 years, which means their team and employees are all professionals and know the market very well. They own and manage real estates in different countries. Signing contracts for more than $ 100 million a year.
The distribution of GES tokens is made in accordance with the EU legislation.
Geography and Opportunities
Genesis does not work in one specific place. The team is scattered all around the globe to find the best suitable real estate opportunity.
Credits and Loans
You can use your GES tokens as a guarantee for a loan which will then be return after the payment is made. Using GES tokens for a loan and credit will ensure you a minimal interest.
Independence from the rate of Cryptocurrencies
Your profit will not depend from the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies, the profit from usage of real estate is fixed and tied to euro. You will be able to choose how to get your dividends – in any of cryptocurrency, in euro to your account or on credit card, issued by our platform.

ICO details:
The GES tokens are worth exactly a Euro each. 1 Million GES token will be released on blockchain. The issue of tokens is limited. 80% of the tokens will belong with the investors. Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and Bitcoin Cash are accepted crypto payments. Card payments and wire transfer is supported as well. The period of ITO is between 1st of April to 15th of May 2018. The soft cap is just 3 million Euros. You can register for ITO before it starts and get your 15% bonus. First week of ITO comes with 7.5% bonus. Second week gets 3.5% bonus.

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