> The mission of Galaxy eSolutions is to continue the environment
sustainability by utilizing decentralization, pre-owned and an updated ecommerce ecosystem designed for promote a shared and circular economy
> Its vision of Galaxy eSolutions is integrating blocking and evolving into a hybrid ecosystem with a market platform, so as to solve some pain points in the preowned and refurbished multi-billion electronics industry.

What is (GES) Galaxy eSolutions ?

Galaxy eSolutions Limited is a Global eCommerce for refurbished and pre-owned smartphones and other consumer electronics, with marketplaces to buy and trade-in goods.



Galaxy eSolutions Limited
is a global eCommerce ecosystem with fast growth and real traction, reaching near 20M USD sales within its first year of operation.

Its vision is to fully integrate blockchain and evolve into a hybrid ecosystem with marketplace platform, so as to resolve the several pain points in the multi-billion preowned and refurbished electronics industry.


  • Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 GES Tokens.
    Min. 0.1 ETH.
  • Maximum Supply: 300M with unsold tokens burned.
  • Market Buyback: 20% quarterly profit used on quarterly buyback with 50% burned.
  • Token Value Protection: GES to buy back in stages as long as market price falls below listed price.
  • Token Usage: Tokens can be used in ecosystem for services and products (5% of purchases will be credited monthly in GES token).
  • Fund Raise: Monthly operational breakeven reached. More funds equate to greater development and faster growth.
  • Token Boosts (20% minimum for ALL in view of recent ETH surge, a goodwill from GES):
  • ●20% 0.1 to 49ETH
  • ●25% 50 to 99ETH
  • ●30% 100 to 249ETH
  • ●35% 250 to 499ETH
  • ●40% 500 to 999ETH
  • ●45% 1000 to 2499ETH
  • ●50% 2500ETH and above
* This ICO is Not for US citizens or residents / Hong Kong citizens or residents.
with our CEO,
Yuen Wong.
Yuen Wong
Co-Founder & CEO
Yuen has a strong e-commerce sense and entrepreneurial initiative that gives him the ability to make the business operate in the global consumer markets. Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Business Development, E-commerce specialist.



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