Gese is a unique community of ordinary consumers who want to ensure quality of the purchased goods, local establishments advancing within the platform, and brands that use the platform to get access to their target audience. Gese is a marketing tool that provides reliable statistical data to brands, as well as a social application that allows consumers not only to protect themselves from counterfeit production, but also to earn rewards within the platform. Gese is implemented using NFC-tags and blockchain technology, allowing it to track each bottle from the manufacturer to the consumer while filtering out counterfeit products.

The idea of Gese is the direct result of the extensive consumer market research and close, long-term communication with large manufacturers. It has been designed to solve the problem of multi-million losses and remove the threat to the health of consumers.


Our own development. The solution that has absorbed the capacity for integration with the Ethereum blockchain and the performance of classical solutions. Our product is based on the Etherium network with its operational platform for smart contract. It allows to create any economic model using the Solidity language. We are confident that this product will enable development of a platform that is way superior to mother solution.


As a result of the analysis of the platforms, we developed a border solution that absorbed the best quality of the economy and the speed of POS blockrooms, smart contracts for the Ethereum platform, and its ERC standard. The product developed by us combines advantages of two blockhouses for the solution of the set tasks:

from the POA architecture, it received speed and logic, allowing a comparable number of transactions to be limited only by the technical characteristics of the equipment, but not by the software platform;

from Ethereum, the security of financial transactions and transactions through smart contracts.


  • Earnings for publishing
  • Quality control of products
  • Receiving feedback from customers
  • Fundraising for the free-marketing
  • Instant and free transactions
  • Conducting marketing campaigns
  • Exchange of Crypto-currency
  • Synchronization with state quality control
  • Cross-platform
  • Trade in products
  • Receiving a fee for the disposal of packaging
  • Receiving cashback for a purchase> The ability to earn on quality control
  • Review product reviews
  • View customer ratings
  • Attracting customers to local institutions



Technically, the mobile application in many respects repeats the functionality of the web interface, adding some additional features:

  • Geolocation;
  • NFC-tag readout.

The principles of working with back-end applications are similar to those for back-end. The final scheme of the Gese platform is shown in the figure.


Member List

In addition to cashback for purchases, each user receives a gift based on the rating paid to him for system activity.In this photo you can see a list of the first major partners of this project:

Gese will also help businesses get new channels to promote their products, which are vital in the alcohol market, where advertising is often restricted by law.

About Project Tokens

The platform token name is Gese.

It is based on an Ethereum network with a compatible ERC20.

The initial ICO platform will begin on May 25, 2018 and will run until May 30, 2018.

The main ICO will start from 1 July 2018 and will run until July 30, 2018

During ICO 1, Gese will be equivalent to $ 0.1.

Initial investors will be able to receive a discount of up to 30% on token purchases during the initial phase of ICO.

During the main ICO, the maximum discount is 25% and will drop 5% per week.


Adaptation of every action

  1. Manufacturers

NFC labels as a quality stamp at any cost class of the item. By buying labels, the producer shields his item from fake and gets the chance to track its development.

  1. Advertisers

An interesting arrangement of focused promoting with high geolocal exactness because of broad advertising insights with definite in disguise individual information. The likelihood of enhancing the rating because of the prioritization of arrangement and business posts.

  1. Clients

Notwithstanding cashback for buys, every client gets a reward based on his rating paid to the him for the framework action


Because of the examination of the piece framework on the Graphen platform, we built up an outskirt square arrangement that consumed the best characteristics of the Graphene economy, the capacity to coordinate with the blockchain air and the execution of traditional arrangements. The item we got from the Graphene blocker got an engineering of inward connections enabling us to direct a tantamount number of exchanges (restricted specialized qualities of gear) and usefulness in light of the Ethereum coordinate with its working platform for shrewd contracts – permitting to make any model of the economy utilizing the dialect of Solidity. We are sure that this item will make a platform that is far better than mother arrangements.


In fact, the portable application in numerous regards rehashes the usefulness of the web interface, including some extra highlights:

• Geolocation;

• NFC-label readout.

The standards of working with back-end applications are like those for back-end.

The last plan of the Gese platform is appeared in the figure.

Computation of productivity


The gese platform utilizes three sorts of tokens for installments inside the framework and past:

• The primary token [GSE];

• The second token [GSEE].

• Users’ tokens

Key token capacities [GSE]:

• Purchase of the inside token [GSEE];

• Payments for abundance programs;

• Trading on outer exchanges;

• Promotion of posts;

• Payments for NFC-labels;

• Receiving rewards for movement in the framework, conveyance of utilized compartments.

The interior token [GSEE] is sold just on the inside Gese exchange. The cost of [GSEE] is fixing to the dollar rate and does not rely upon the value variances of the token [GSE]. The capacity of the inside token is the capacity to compose and like posts and remarks, and so forth., this sort of token is added to the client’s wallet consistently up to a specific farthest point. Client Tokens: the framework enables clients to make their own particular tokens for a crowdsale inside the framework.

Circulation of tokens with respect to the sold ones:

• available to be purchased to financial specialists – 65% (ICO + presale) of them Presale – 5%

• abundance – 5%

• consultants – 10% – hindering for a half year

• group – 10% – obstructing for a half year

• saved – 10%


• least venture sum: 0.1 ETH

• hardcap: 3818 ETH

• cost: 7857 tokens for each ETH

• span: 15 days

Begin ICO 15.05.2018 :

• least speculation sum: 0.1 ETH

• base cost: 5500 tokens for every ETH

• hardcap: 49 090 ETH

Term 30 days begin: 1.07.2018 reward framework:

• 5 days reward + 33% (adjusting 1.333333333)

• 5 days reward + 18% (encumbrance 1,176470588)

• 5 days reward + 11% (adjusting off 1.111111111)

• 5 days reward + 5% (adjusting 1.052631579)

• 5 without a reward There is a referral program – 5% for a referral interface buy


• Development of an inner exchange, AI, conclusion of the new platform form, specialized help – 30%

• Co-financing of label generation – 40%

• Marketing and the geographic development of the task – 30%


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