Gese, Trading Platform of Alcoholic Beverages


Alcohol industry is still not properly represented and almost nonexistent in the current technological market place. There is a very minimal interaction between manufacturers, retailers and the end users the consumers, these trend poses a problem for all the groups involved.

Manufacturers are facing problems of bans and restrictions on advertising their products in many develop countries like Indonesia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia to mention a few, which incapacitate their ability to reach out to their customers, effectiveness of advertising campaign is significantly reduced.

Sellers (shops, bars, and restaurants) find it hard to set up new outlets in order to expand their business in commercial viral hot spots in the city like boutiques, electronics and other businesses, also consumers are faced with the issue of choice.

When a consumer is interested in buying a high quality alcohol product, the large quantity of different products on display can easily cause confusion to an unexperienced consumer. This problem is further compounded by the Abundance of counterfeit products that flood the alcohol market. It is estimated that 30%-60% of alcoholic beverages are fake.

Gese bring solutions by creating a worldwide alcohol beverages database and building an enthusiast community. Gese project helps consumers find quality products on store shelves, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants through its extensive database of alcoholic beverages.

The heart of the platform idea is to facilitate quick access to quality information on the authenticity and tastes of the product that the customer is about to purchase. In order to implement such concept, Gese created a worldwide database which contains both facts and opinion of alcoholic beverages, and for the purpose of good authentication the attached a Near Field Communication (NFC-TAG) on each bottle that will be used for search of information about a particular drink.

All a user needs to do is place their smartphone over a bottle to generate all necessary needed information about the product and verify its authenticity. It is a social platform which users can share their opinions and experiences about products, post on their own blogs and comments on entries of other participants for any activity in the ecosystem which includes the NFC-TAG scanning when choosing a Beverages.

Gese is a trail blazing platform for promoting alcoholic beverages among all targeted customers, and advertisers will be able to use it wide range of tools for promotion of their products and interact with the industry users.

Among its exceptional features is priority products placement in the list of recommendations, publications and promotions of post in blogs and placement of the data on the availability and pricing of alcohol beverages in local stores, bars and restaurants, manufacturers have the possibility of using the NFC-TAG to verify the authenticity of their products thereby reducing the risk of counterfeiting and providing them with a significant marketing benefit.

Brands placing tags on their bottles automatically give them a competitive advantage due to the fact that the consumers and general public will be confident in their products, also entrepreneurs planning to Start up business in the alcohol industry are opportune to use the built-in crowd funding platform that has a ready market statistics and up-to-date information, and when the project proves to be of interest to user, business founders receive the necessary funding and obtain loyal followers because Gese is a social platform that connects the industry.


Technically, the mobile application in many respects repeats the functionality of the web interface, adding some additional features:
• Geolocation;
• NFC-tag readout.
The principles of working with back-end applications are similar to those for back-end.
The final scheme of the Gese platform is shown in the figure.


The gese platform uses three types of tokens for payments inside the system and beyond:
• The main token [GSE];
• The second token [GSEE].
• Users’ tokensKey token functions [GSE]:• Purchase of the internal token [GSEE];
• Payments for bounty programs;
• Trading on external exchanges;
• Promotion of posts;
• Payments for NFC-tags;
• Receiving bonuses for activity in the system, delivery of used containers.The internal token [GSEE] is sold only on the internal Gese exchange. The cost of [GSEE] is tied to the dollar rate and does not depend on the price fluctuations of the token [GSE].

The function of the internal token is the ability to write and like posts and comments, etc., this type of token is added to the user’s wallet every day up to a certain limit.

User Tokens: the system allows users to create their own tokens for a crowdsale within the system.

Distribution of tokens relative to the sold ones:· for sale to investors – 65% (ICO + presale) of them Presale – 5%
· bounty – 5%
· advisers – 10% – blocking for 6 months
· team – 10% – blocking for 6 months
· reserved – 10%


· minimum investment amount: 0.1 ETH
· hardcap: 3818 ETH
· price: 7857 tokens per ETH
· duration: 15 days

Start ICO 15.05.2018 :

· minimum investment amount: 0.1 ETH
· base price: 5500 tokens per ETH
· hardcap: 49 090 ETH

Duration 30 days start: 1.07.2018

Bonus system:

· 5 days bonus + 33% (rounding 1.333333333)
· 5 days bonus + 18% (encumbrance 1,176470588)
· 5 days bonus + 11% (rounding off 1.111111111)
· 5 days bonus + 5% (rounding 1.052631579)
· 5 without a bonus

There is a referral program – 5% for a referral link purchase


· Development of an internal exchange, AI, finalization of the new platform version, technical support – 30%
· Co-financing of tag production – 40%
· Marketing and the geographic expansion of the project – 30%



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