Get dividends and participate in the life of the crypto exchange on the Sobit project!

When working with the crypto currency of many users, it is alarming that there is no possibility to influence the management of the workflow on the exchange. After all, all decisions on the further development of the exchange, including daily management decisions, are completely dependent on the creators of the project. The initial direction of activity and the main parameters can be changed against the wishes of users, which can negatively affect the level of their income. Decentralized platform Sobit offers a stock exchange for trading in crypto currency, which is in the full possession of its users. Each member of the ecosystem can now influence the management process in proportion to the number of its tokens and receive dividends from the profit of the project as a whole.

Key features of Sobit

The Sobit platform specializes in digital trading and crypto currency mining. All processes on the project are fully automated, thanks to artificial intelligence. The work of Sobit is built using the block technology technology, which reliably protects the information and money of users. Also, the undoubted advantage of the foundation block is the ability to integrate any technology into the project without additional settings. The project launches a news line, where users can track the internal news of the project, as well as learn about the changes in the world of crypto currency. The internal chat of the project will allow to communicate to investors directly, and to traders mobilely negotiate additional conditions of the transaction.

Advantages of Sobit

Investors of the Sobit project are divided into several categories depending on the size of their investments. So, if users purchased less than 1,000 tokens, then he can only use the services of the platform without the right to manage and receive dividends. When purchasing from 1,000 to 20,000 tokens, the investor gets the opportunity to vote at the shareholders’ meetings and receive dividends. A user with an investment of more than 20,000 SBTs will be able to use quasi-capital and other premium tools.

Crypto currency is stored in the crypto-draft of the project, which is reliably protected by cryptographic encryption technology. All calculations are carried out using smart contracts to minimize user costs.

Without exception, investors of this category are eligible for a quasi-capital, within which dividends are provided, the opportunity to vote at online shareholders’ meetings and access to information on the current status of the platform. The unique property of quasi-capital is the opportunity to use the opportunity to use its own returnable capital, which, unlike the standard loan obligations, does not imply the emergence of obligations.

Management Sobit is entrusted to investors. All net income, net of expenses, is distributed among the owners of the tokens in proportion to their investment. Daily income consists of listing fees and commissions for conducting transactions, withdrawal of funds for another crypto, placement of an advertising campaign on the project, etc. Daily expenses include employee salaries, current costs for maintaining the site and server, marketing expenses. Thus, the profit to investors is accrued on a daily basis according to the standard scheme “income minus expenses”.

Crypto currency Sobit

SBT tokens are used for internal calculations on the project. A total of 10 billion units were issued, 54% of which were sold. Free tokens can be obtained by mining or participating in the bounty campaign of the project. At the current moment, the cost of one SBT is 0.000016 BTC. The timing of the crowdsdale is not limited and investors still have a chance to become a participant of the project.

Sobit Overview

Thus, the Sobit platform offers its users a platform for trade in crypto currency and mining, based on full user management. A convenient interface, the receipt of dividends for large investors, a wide range of services for trade in crypto currency and mining ensure a high level of functionality of the project along with high profitability. The implemented customer support service will allow to solve the arising questions quickly and productively.

The development of the project began in August this year and by September the creators are ready to submit a beta version of the platform. By March 2019 all the sounded instruments will be available.








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